Pope Francis walks back ‘rabbit’ remarks,’ praises large families
Argentinian argued that the global economic system is the primary cause of poverty, rather than overpopulation.
by AFP
Russian Food Price Inflation Reaches Up to 150% — Prosecutor
Officials to scrutinize retailers’ pricing policies and act against unjustified markups.
by The Moscow Times

Swiss bank to charge clients to hold cash
Customers charged for money created out of thin air by central banks.
by FT

Man who filmed woman being publicly beheaded in Mecca reportedly arrested in Saudi Arabia
Man will face unspecified charges in a military court as well as in a Sharia court.
by The Independent
China stocks plunge amid regulator crackdown on margins
Fresh fall in Chinese home prices also weighs on markets.
by Laura He

Despite world glut, Iraq pumps crude at record level
Crude prices to rise gradually in the second half of 2015…
by Bloomberg
French Flags, Hollande Pictures Burned at Charlie Hebdo Protests Worldwide
“We are not Charlie, we are Kouachi,” screamed the protesters in reference to the two brothers.
by Sputnik

Oil Projects Worth Billions Put on Hold
Oil price plunge has stoked worries over global growth.
by Financial Times
Syrians are now Brazil's largest refugee community
1,400 Syrians sought refuge in Brazil last year.
by AFP

Europe's Leading Rabbi: Let Jews Carry Guns for Protection
Rabbi said recent attacks “have revealed the urgent need to stop talking and start acting.”
by Melanie Batley
Senator Calls for Sanctions Against Russia
Lawmaker fuels new Cold War.
by Sputnik

World Bank: India Set to Become World’s Fastest-Growing Big Economy
China suffering through a slowdown.
by Eric Bellman
Islamic State has Breached Saudi Borders
Things are looking grim for the Saudi authorities.
by Alexander Orlov

Most calls to Ebola center are pranks: Sierra Leone official
“genuine calls are dwindling and response to such calls have been swift…”
by Japan Times
World Bank Expects Russian Economy to Contract by 2.9% in 2015
Saudi Arabia lowering oil prices to bankrupt Russia.
by Sputnik