Senate Reverses Course and Advances TPP Fast Track Bill
Obama sees a victory as globalist treaty rams through.
by Maira Sutton
Chinese Government Inc. has Invested $81 Billion in U.S. in Last 10 Years
Investment has come in the finance, real estate, energy and technology sectors.
by Steve Straehley

Rand Paul Visits Secret Room To Read Obamatrade, Calls For Public Release Of Deal Text
The deal’s text is kept in a room behind double doors that each have signs: “No Public Or Media Beyond This Point.”
by Breitbart

Analyst: “Millions Upon Millions of People Are Going to Die on a World-Wide Scale When the Debt Bubble Bursts”
It can be difficult to understand the repercussions that would follow a collapse of the global economy, stocks and debt markets.
by Mac Slavo
Why Are Exchange-Traded Funds Preparing For A ‘Liquidity Crisis’ And A ‘Market Meltdown’?
Some really weird things are happening in the financial world right now.
by Michael Snyder

Survey: More than 40 Percent of Bee Hives Died in Past Year
“Loud signal that there’s some bad things happening with our agro-ecosystems…”
by Seth Borenstein
Egypt court sentences eight protesters to life in prison
Court ruled defendants chanted slogans against the army and the police, blocked roads and damaged public property.
by Press TV

Honorable Men Warned Us About The End of Days
What can we do to protect ourselves and our families?
by The Alex Jones Show
This Is How the Elite Wages War on Americans
Through psy-ops!
by The Alex Jones Show

Climate change is UN-led hoax to create 'new world order' – Australian PM's adviser
“This is not about facts or logic. It’s about a new world order under the control of the UN.”
North Korea threatens nuclear attack on US
Says long-range missiles could reach mainland US.
by Heather Saul

Denmark moves toward cashless society
Gov’t can tax anyone at will in a cashless society.
by Doug Bolton
Bird Flu Has Already Killed More Than 20 MILLION Turkeys And Chickens In The United States
Are you prepared to go without turkey this Thanksgiving?
by Michael Snyder

India to sign port deal with Iran, ignoring U.S. warning against haste
India wants to swiftly sign trade agreements with Iran and other Gulf countries.
by Nidhi Verma and Manoj Kumar
El Salvador gangs target police after failed truce
Police believe gang leaders, many back behind bars, instructed units to kill two officers per neighborhood.
by Matt Chandler