Eric Margolis | US media is barraging Russia and Putin with a drumfire of negative stories.

Xinhua | Man, 56, died on Friday before it was confirmed that he had the virus on Sunday.

Bloomberg | “More powerful winds in the past 20 years may be forcing warmer seas deeper and bringing cooler water to the surface.”

Jo Griffin | Sports events can lead to surge in abuse and trafficking of young girls, say campaigners.

ABC News | Hijacker wanted to fly to Sochi, according to reports.

AP | Court says program infringes on power of member nations.

AFP | “The recommendations published by the committee appear to present… grave limits,” Vatican spokesman said. | No immediate details about her meeting with the opposition figures.

The Guardian | America’s oil and gas rush is depleting water supplies in the driest and most drought-prone areas of the country.

Zero Hedge | Fire erupted after central bank accounting is questioned.

AFP | UN Committee on the Rights of the Child said “tens of thousands of children worldwide” had been abused systemically for years within the Catholic church.

Time | The blackouts affected resident in 11 states across the country.

Zero Hedge | “Debt is becoming burdensome on the system,” he says.

Sam Webb | Student group in Kiev placed the toilet there as a scathing commentary.

Zero Hedge | A sad effect of Spain’s economic collapse.

Global Post | The US grants far more green cards to wealthy Chinese as president Xi Jinping cracks down.

Bloomberg | Safe-haven buying interest boosts demand.

BBC News | Cost of corruption higher than 120 billion Euros.

AFP | “We have about $1 billion more in identified need in 2014 than we have projected revenues.”

Asahi Shimbun | Radio host quits after being told not to talk about “nuclear issues during the Tokyo gubernatorial election campaign period.”

Bloomberg | Mexican auto exports to the U.S. more than quadrupled in past 10 years.

Washington Post | Company had made extensive preparations with upgraded rigs and support vessels. | Veteran Bilderberg investigator and author Daniel Estulin joins Alex to discuss the dangers of transhumanism and the elite’s drive for total control.

Market Watch | Fears build over an emerging markets crisis.

London Guardian | Russian president warns the EU.

CNBC | Surprisingly strong move to defend Turkey’s embattled currency.

USA Today | As usual, Fed creates booms and busts.

New American | Argentine president announces “solution:” more gov’t spending.

Bloomberg | Austrian mint adds a third eight-hour shift for production.

James Fielding | Boys from British care homes were allegedly ferried there to take part in sex films.

AFP | No, this is not the setting for a futuristic movie about humans colonising a new planet.

Zero Hedge | Recent glitch most likely preemptive planning for currency controls.

Zero Hedge | Larry Fink changes his tune after only eight months.

BBC News | New rule follows a trend towards capital controls.

Jean-François Ratelle | The instability and insecurity in Dagestan has been growing for more than 15 years. | “There is an open door,” Wizner said cryptically.

Reuters | U.N. nuclear chief said on Friday there was “still a long way to go.”

BBC News | Two died in protest yesterday.

Zero Hedge | For the Chinese, their bank deposits have suddenly become highly risky 2 year bonds…

Ben | American philosopher Noam Chomsky calls TPP a “neoliberal assault” to further corporate domination.

Wayne Madsen | Anti-Russian government provocateurs, financed by Western NGOs, have staged a number of protests. | During a confrontation with police in Kiev, Ukraine. | Journalist celebrates the fact that half of the world’s population is impoverished.

Asahi Shimbun | TEPCO said workers discovered by a video feed that water was leaking on the first floor of the wrecked No. 3 reactor.

Daily Mail | Gates foresees such a successful eugenics program that by 2035 there will be almost no poor countries left in the world.

USA Today | It’s time to press the “reset” button on the world, the founder of the World Economic Forum said Wednesday.

Bloomberg | Spain is home to almost a third of Eurozone’s unemployed.

The Guardian | Farage points out that Greece is under foreign control.

Zero Hedge | Over 700,000 pay in installments.

RT | Operatives of top global corporations also part of small group in the US outside the Obama administration that can access working plans on TPP.

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