Utah brings back death by firing squad - even though Governor admits it's 'a little bit gruesome'
The state has approved the execution method when lethal drugs aren’t available.
by Steve Robson
Psyop Counteroffensive Begins As Army Training Questioned
Special forces training for asymmetric warfare in the continental United States.
by David Knight

Clinton Jokes About ‘No More Secrecy’ with the Press: ‘What Good Did it Do Me?’
Clinton was speaking at the ceremony for the Toner Prize for Excellence in Political Reporting.
by Evan McMurry
Campaign call rises: Abolish Virginia income taxes
Other states, including neighboring North Carolina, are moving to ratchet down income taxes.
by Kenric Ward

Infowars Beats ESPN in Total Reader Comments
News on Infowars fueling more discussion than sports on ESPN, according to analytics.
by Kit Daniels
'Black Brunch' Protesters Meet Resistance From Diners
“You’re stirring up conflict – go home!”
by Paul Joseph Watson

Hollywood Making Major Gun Control Movie
Drama about anti-gun lobbyist who pushes through federal gun control bill.
by Kit Daniels

Poll: Spend more, tax less, legalize pot
Americans are more likely to want cuts than increased spending.
by Emily Swanson
Giuliani pushes for Loretta Lynch confirmation
Giuliani and Former FBI Director Louis Freeh said the Senate should confirm her.
by Athena Jones

Obama Joked About Being Kenyan Last Week But Charlie Sheen Can't
Barack Obama: “If I did not love America, I wouldn’t have moved here from Kenya.”
by Infowars.com
Dem Suggests Kids Should Be Drug-Tested Before They Can Inherit From Their Parents
People receiving food stamps have to pass drug tests or meet work requirements to receive taxpayer dollars.
by Rachel Stoltzfoos

Secret Service erased tapes of agents' drunk White House gate crash
Secret Service director claims it’s “normal” to erase surveillance of W.H. after 72 hours.
by Susan Crabtree
Study: Political Ads Dwarfed News Stories About Actual Political Issues in 2014
In the last two months of the 2014 midterm campaign, ads on local television news flourished, and stories about political issues paled in comparison.
by David Knowles

Obama Calls For Mandatory Voting
“It would be transformative if everybody voted,” he said.
by Kit Daniels
Leftist Media Claims If You Support Second Amendment, You Support Rape
Legal concealed carry “more pro-rape than anti-rape,” claims anti-gun media.
by Kit Daniels