Parasite Named In Honor of Obama
Honor is very fitting.
by Dave Boyer
White House: No concessions to hostage takers
“Doing so would only put more Americans at risk of being taken captive.”
by Matthew Hoye

Larry Elder: MSM, Democrats Exploit Michael Brown's Death to Keep 'Black People Pissed Off'
“…keeping black people believing that racism remains a major problem in America…”
by Tony Lee
Eric Holder: 'I Am the Attorney General... but I'm Also a Black Man'
Further claimed he was himself a victim of racial harassment by law enforcement.
by Warner Todd Huston

Missouri Cop Was Badly Beaten Before Shooting Michael Brown, Says Source
“…Assistant (Police) Chief took him to the hospital, his face all swollen on one side…”
by Hollie McKay
McCaskill backs controversial prosecutor in Ferguson case
Gov. Jay Nixon decides not to replace him with a special prosecutor.
by Peter Sullivan

Live: Obama Speaks After Militants Behead American
White House mum on what topics Obama will address.
Black Helicopters Over Twin Cities Have Some Asking Questions
A military training exercise has some in downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul looking to the skies and asking questions. It’s a scene that looks straight out of an action movie. This week, a handful of low-flying black helicopters are buzzing just over rooftops and in between buildings. They’re called Night Stalkers, or more formally, the […]
by Kim Johnson

Why Were The Police In Ferguson Told Not To Stop The Rampant Looting On Friday Night?
When the looting started, they did nothing about it.
by Michael Snyder
Are we on the Verge of Renewed Race Riots with the Turn in the War Cycle in 2014?
There is an old saying that is very important in its depth – divide and conquer.
by Martin Armstrong

DoJ to Conduct Independent Autopsy of Missouri Shooting Victim
“due to the extraordinary circumstances involved in this case and at the request of the Brown family.”
by Julia Edwards
Rand Paul Heads To Guatemala To Conduct Charity Eye Surgeries
Paul: “It is an honor for me to be able to use my skills as an ophthalmologist to give back to the community.”
by Matthew Boyle

‘Witch hunt’: Cruz, Jindal Rush to Defend Gov. Perry After Indictment
Cruz: “The Texas Constitution gives the governor the power to veto legislation…”
by Jennifer Harper
Texas Gov. Perry Says Indictment Is Abuse of Power
“…I cannot and will not allow that to happen…”
by Paul J. Webber

Judicial Watch Probe: Despite Failures, Obamacare Officials Got Big Bonuses
Quietly received tens of thousands of dollars in performance bonuses and other taxpayer-funded perks.
by Judicial Watch
New Video of SWAT Team Attack on Al-Jazeera in Ferguson You Haven't Seen
New footage reveals SWAT team shot at reporters after they identified themselves as press.
by Kit Daniels