Kurt Nimmo | Trading communist icons for those of the neoliberal financial juggernaut.

Howard Amos | Moscow shows its influence in Crimean city amid fears the whole peninsula could seek deeper ties with Russia.

Michael Snyder | What the people of Ukraine are being put through is absolutely horrible.

AFP | “That is a really serious matter. There is something really wrong with you,” the 69-year-old Ugandan president said.

BBC | Decision was taken “in light of the current situation the country is going through”.

Reuters | 8th defendant received a suspended sentence, will avoid jail.

reuters.com | Most sustained unrest in Venezuela for a decade challenges Maduro’s 10-month-old government.

Paul Craig Roberts | Who’s in charge?

Ron Paul | Last week Ukraine saw its worst violence since the break-up of the Soviet Union over 20 years ago.

Business Insider | Late Friday, Urainian President Viktor Yanukovych fled Kiev.

Greg Clary | Some days, it almost seems like the Cold War never went away.

voiceofrussia.com | Former boxer and darling of Euromaidan allegedly engaged in treason.

Paul Craig Roberts | Hegemonic ambition has Washington interfering in the internal affairs of Ukraine.

Zero Hedge | Things did not go entirely according to plan.

Silvio Canto, Jr. | It would energize the opposition and probably be the last straw to bring down the Maduro regime.

Eric Margolis | A basic rule of world affairs is careful what you threaten. Empty threats become loose cannons.

Reuters | President faces calls for resignation.

Associated Press | “Free Yulia! Free Yulia!” legislators chanted after the vote.

Michael Snyder | What is happening on the streets of Kiev right now is really a proxy war between the East and the West.

rt.com | Center of Kiev has been transformed into a battleground.

BBC | Liu Han has previously been ranked amongst China’s 500 wealthiest people.

Lew Rockwell Blog | In Ukraine, US-backed rebels seize weapons from a military depot and begin firing on police — killing at least ten.

RT | The battle for Kiev’s Independence Square has reignited as rioters clash with security forces amid sniper fire.

historysshadow.wordpress.com | Ukrainian nationalism was an influential factor in both World Wars.

Frances Martel | Carmona was marching peacefully along with anti-socialist young Venezuelans.

Fox News | SEALs were working as security contractors.

Zero Hedge | Watch as sparks fly.

Reuters | Four people were killed and dozens wounded as authorities cleared demonstrators from the streets.

RT | Venezuelan president claims diplomats were inciting anti-regime protests.

Ria.ru | Spokesman says State Dept. is pushing Ukraine into a “Western vector.”

Paul Craig Roberts | A number of confirmations have come in from readers that Washington is fueling the violent protests in Ukraine with our taxpayer dollars.

Kurt Nimmo | Kim Jong-un’s crimes pale in comparison to those of the big boys.

AFP | The bill still holds that repeat offenders should be jailed for life.

Bloomberg | Protests mount as country suffers world’s fastest inflation.

Reuters | Investigators told Kim in a letter they were advising the United Nations to refer North Korea to the International Criminal Court.

Mike Krieger | As you might expect, the economic decline of a nation into rule by a handful of corrupt oligarchs will have many other negative repercussions.

Reuters | Merkel spooked over last year’s revelations.

AFP | “Pepper spray in House leaves Indian democracy in tears” screamed the Times of India front-page headline on Friday.

BBC | Three people have been killed after their home collapsed from the weight of volcanic ash.

Michael Snyder | Becoming more like Europe is not a good thing. But that is the path that we are currently on.

Globe and Mail | Ban precludes single would-be parents from countries that allow gay marriage.

Euro News | At least three people have been shot dead during anti-government protests in Venezuela.

Paul Craig Roberts | The US and EU were initially cooperating in the effort to destroy the independence of Ukraine…

Lew Rockwell Blog | Every now and then we have a chance to peek through a tiny window to see how “diplomacy” is done behind closed doors.

RT | The police presume his murder is connected with his judicial work.

RT | Pakistani journalist and anti-drone activist has gone missing after nearly two dozen men stormed his home and abducted him.

Reuters | “Jiang exercised supervisory authority over the people who directly committed abuses, which makes him responsible for acts of torture and other major abuses…”

RT | Farmer sues his neighbor over GMO contamination.

Reuters | Civil rights activist Jesse Jackson had offered to go to Pyongyang to try to free Bae.

Bangkok Post | Olympic chiefs warned athletes Monday against wearing symbols of mourning for lost loved ones during competitions at the Sochi Games.

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