Ukrainian Forces Destroy Russian Convoy
Ukraine claims convoy going to separatists.
by Daryna Krasnolutska and Scott Rose

Ukraine border guards to begin inspecting Russian aid convoy
The convoy of 262 Russian vehicles drove close to a rebel-held border checkpoint.
by Michael Birnbaum
Maliki Steps Aside, Endorses Abadi As Successor
New U.S. backed leader installed.
by Press TV

Is the Islamic State Exterminating the Language of Jesus?
We may be watching the deliberate destruction of Aramaic, unfolding in real time.
by Ross Perlin
Feds Buy Border Fence -- for Ukraine
Feds more interested in defending borders of other countries.
by Jeryl Bier

Brazil Presidential Candidate Dies In Plane Crash
October election thrown into disarray and local financial markets incur big swings on news of death.
by Reuters
Vatican Approves Iraq Air Strikes Despite Peace Policy
“Military action might be necessary,” says Vatican’s ambassador to the United Nations.
by AFP

Obama gives Americans one last slap in the face before heading to vacation
Before jetting off for two weeks’ vacation, President Obama laid the blame for the Iraq crisis at the doorstep of the Bush administration.
by Richard Berkow
Rockets, airstrikes after Gaza war truce collapses
More than 1,900 Gazans have been killed in the war, roughly three-quarters of them civilians.
by Associated Press

Ebola Can be Turned into Bioweapon, Russian & UK Experts Warn
“Such possibility exists,” says Russian head of Department of Infectious Diseases…
Ukraine border battles leave 15 troops dead
City of one million people is shelled.
by The Daily Star

U.S. Meat Supplier OSI Withdraws Products Made in Shanghai Factory
Undercover Chinese television report showed workers at OSI’s Shanghai Husi factory using expired meat and doctored food production dates.
by Claire Baldwin
Afghan Troops’ Rocky Past Offers Clues Into Shooting That Killed U.S. General
History of post-Taliban Afghan security forces offers ample range of possible explanations for such disturbing incidents.
by Washington Post

Liberia Struggles to Contain Spread of Ebola
Liberians clash with government health workers over Ebola fears.
by Wade Williams
Ukraine’s security chief Parubiy resigns
Parubiy held the post of Ukraine’s security chief from February 27.
by Maxim Nikitin