Guido Hülsmann Talks Financial Repression
Government intervention.
'It Was Like God Sent an Angel': Cop Helps Woman Finish 10K Race
“I could see that she was having problems. That’s when I got out of the car and I walked up to her…”
by Fox News

State bills would limit access to officer body camera videos
Lawmakers want to limit what can be made public.
by Ryan J. Foley
Cities Reducing Minimum Standards for Police Recruits
Fewer people going into law enforcement.
by Meaghan Corzine

Chicago police commander resigns in wake of Homan Square revelations
Resignation of Nicholas Roti, a veteran police officer who operated over the controversial police warehouse, comes as attorneys announce civil rights lawsuit.
by Spencer Ackerman
The DEA Is Seizing Cash Without Warrants In Its Version Of Stop-and-Frisk
Violating the Constitution should not give the government a payday.
by Nick Sibilla

Video Shows Cop Choking Woman in Custody
Cop caught on film choking detained suspect.
by CBS Boston
Homan Square: politicians push DoJ to investigate 'CIA or Gestapo tactics' at secret police site
US congressman and Cook County commissioner hand-deliver letter to Eric Holder and demand an ‘immediate investigation’ into secretive police facility.
by Zach Stafford

The NYPD may be editing the Wikipedia pages of people it killed
Computers linked to the department made numerous edits to pages on high-profile deaths.
by Ben Popper

UK police use stop and search powers on 300 toddlers
Hundreds of under-fives frisked by officers in the last five years.
by David Barrett
NYPD Caught Trying to Censor Wikipedia Page About Killing of Eric Garner
Police deny involvement despite clear evidence.
by Nick Bernabe

Officer Named Cop of the Year After Paralyzing a Man, Taxpayers Shell Out $25 Million for his Abuse
Six jurors unanimously agree that officer used “excessive force” in shooting.
by Matt Agorist
Louisiana Town to Begin Arresting People for Sagging Pants & Daisy Dukes
Up to a $200 fine and 30 days in jail for violation.
by Jay Syrmopoulos

New DPD Body Cam Video Shows Excessive Force
“I’m trying to breathe … trying to live … trying to breathe…”
by Brian Maass
Cops: "Protect And Serve" Is Now "Ticket And Fine"
Police fill up coffers for local politicians.