New Horizons has flown past Pluto - Here's what comes next
After flying by Pluto, the next stop for New Horizons might be a Kuiper belt.
by Deborah Netburn
How Big Is Pluto? New Horizons Settles Decades-Long Debate
Confirms what has been long suspected – it’s larger than all other known solar system objects beyond the orbit of Neptune.

Scientific Breakthrough in Interspecies 'Mind-Melding'
Possibility to combine two human brains might soon come to fruition after scientists link brains of rat and monkey to create a collective network of thought.
OPM Announces More Than 21 Million Affected by Second Data Breach
The federal personnel agency finally announced Thursday the scope of a massive hack of security-clearance information first revealed last month.
by Kaveh Waddell & Dustin Volz

Musk Donates $10M To Fund AI Research For Human Benefit
“The danger with the Terminator scenario isn’t that it will happen, but that it distracts from the real issues posed by future AI.”
by Deborah Grace
How NASA Telescope Could Reveal Mysteries of Supermassive Black Holes
NASA’s NuSTAR telescope has spotted five previously undetected supermassive black holes, millions more could be lying in wait.
by Cristina Maza

Woolly Mammoth Clones Closer Than Ever, Thanks to Genome Sequencing
“It won’t be that long till we’re technically able to do it, but whether we should is a different question…”
by Tia Ghose
Possible Signs of Alien Life on Comet: Philae Lander Detects Promising Features on Comet 67P
Astronomers said evidence from the comet points to the possibility it could be home to micro-organisms.
by Alyssa Newcomb

Apple’s Co-founder: We’re All Going to be Robots’ Pets One Day
They’ll treat humans like “pet Labradors,” he said.
by Benjamin Snyder
Bizarre Stingray Behavior Caught By Drone
Why are these rays performing an aquatic ballet?

Apple Removes Civil War Games From App Store Over Confederate Flag Usage
Apple has sent a removal letter to affected developers to inform them that their app violated terms of agreement.
X-ray Echoes Map the Distance to a Neutron Star
Interstellar echoes from a flaring neutron star have allowed astronomers to solve a mystery — pinpointing the star’s location.
by Michelle Starr

Terrifying Cockroach Bot Can Squeeze Through Tiniest of Gaps
Robot can use its body shape to move through cluttered environment.
by Mark Prigg
8 Million: Number Of Mummified Dogs Found In Ancient Egyptian Catacomb
Humans were often buried along with the preserved remains of animals and worldly goods.
by James Maynard

Samsung makes big trucks transparent in the name of road safety
Korean company has stitched together a video wall of four displays at the rear of the truck.
by Vlad Savov
Robot Grocery Store Gives High-tech Upgrade to Food Shopping
The future of food shopping?
by Christopher Snyder