DHS Buying Nearly 100,000 Pairs of Underwear, Including Sports Bras, For Illegals
Meanwhile the agency strips Border Patrol agents of their rifles without replacement.
by Kit Daniels
Border Patrol Stripping Agents of Their Rifles
“This is a concern for the officers and for the community as well.”
by Lupita Murillo & Michel Marizco

President, VP May Differ on Immigration Strategy: 'Obama Angrily Cut Biden Off'
“Mr. Obama gave him a look that ended that line of discussion.”
by Daniel Halper
Arizona's Immigrant Smuggling Law Struck Down
Feds thwart rule of law to allow unmitigated illegal immigrant flow.
by Jacques Billeaud

Obama Will Allow 5 Million Illegals to Stay Despite GOP Warnings
President rushes to implement lawless immigration agenda.
by Ed O'Keefe
Poll Shows Huge Opposition To Oval Office Amnesty
80% say jobs should go to Americans and legal immigrants – not illegals.
by Neil Munro

Border stat posted, and then removed
Obama likely playing politics with public information.
by Andrew Becker
Under Seige: Texas Landowners Describe Life on the Border
“One night we reported 110 trying to get picked up by a semi-truck on us 281″
by Rudy Koski

Obama White House Evasive on Immigration Policy Plans
Obama “believes it would be harmful” to his immigration policy to announce any administrative action on immigration before this November’s elections.
by Warren Mass
Doctor: Obama's Open Border Policy Fueling Ebola Crisis
Doctor blows whistle on botched medical response.
by Mikael Thalen

Feds Requesting Permanent Residency Cards to be Produced
Agency said it is so they can be prepared…
Ebola Inevitable From US Southern Border
Illegals crossing the United States southern border are only the beginning.
by Infowars.com

US Border Agent: We Are Not Ready for Ebola
National BP Council spox: “We have not been trained.”
by Warner Todd Huston
Feds: 'Another potential surge' coming, more asylum officers hired
Immigration czar said border is bracing for this year’s wave of some 130,000.
by Paul Bedard

Immigrants Found in Washing Machine and Cardboard Box
Five illegals captured at the border.
by Valley Central
Ebola crisis sparks worry over Canadian-US border crossings
Sick people could enter U.S. from Canada.
by CBC