| Russia’s pledge came after international criticism of the Syrian government.

Juan Cole | “Al-Qaeda al-Jihad announces that it has no link to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.”

Mark Hackard | It is a sovereign Russia that prevents bankster-run America from fully realizing the inhuman dream of a planetary panopticon.

Al Jazeera | At least five dead and over 30 wounded in attack that some fear is related to renewed talks with the Pakistani Taliban.

RT | Iraqi government forces have killed 50 militants in artillery and airstrikes.

Military Times | Units likely would be a hybrid between the crisis response force and a second Marine unit that operates in the region.

Sheldon Richman | Barack Obama and John Kerry should make up their minds: Do they want war or peace with Iran?

Alt Thai News | Regime sends “red shirt” enforcers to threaten farmers and their families for protesting 6 months of unpaid subsidies.

BBC | Human Rights Watch says Syrian government has “deliberately and unlawfully” demolished thousands of homes.

RIA Novosti | Russia plans to create special cyber-defense units to protect their interests. | Car bombs in mainly Shi’ite districts of the Iraqi capital and a shooting killed at least 19 people.

Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. | Obama uses a brain-wounded US army ranger as a prop.

The Sun | Unmanned craft disappeared after the cable that connected it to a surface ship was severed.

Washington Free Beacon | Hypersonic strike vehicle test is high-tech arms breakthrough that will be difficult for missile defenses to counter.

AFP | 15-nation council unanimously backed resolution allowing European Union contingent to use “all necessary force.” | Assad regime accused Washington of “arming terrorists.”

Fox News | Strike occurred on Sunday night.

Alt Thai News | Peaceful protests turn deadly as regime unleashes “red shirt” enforcers and heavily armed assassins.

RIA Novosti | State of emergency may be declared over protests.

Daniel McAdams | Start making plans or III, IV, and so on, because this conference is a farce.

RT | Multiple deaths in blasts.

Zero Hedge | Washington’s treat obligations to its ally Japan mean it could be sucked into a conflict. | Wake up to the undeniable reality that the West is supporting some Arab countries to supply lethal weapons to al-Qaeda.

Voice of Russia | Obama never gave up idea of dealing a blow on Syria, Kerry said.

Washington Times | As troops withdraw, one of the unsung victims increasingly is the American taxpayer. | A series of bombings in central Iraq that killed from 18 to 28 people on Monday were carried out by al-Qaeda linked fighters.

Alt Thai News | Another stunning indictment of the Shianwatra regime’s illegitimacy to lead the country. | Iran’s public statement that it did not support the 2012 Geneva deal.

Reuters | New missile shield would use a laser to blow up short-range rockets and mortar bombs.

Reuters | Armed men also attacked a juvenile prison, killing a guard, wounding four and releasing 20 inmates, police said.

AFP | Senior U.S. official: Iran is “undoubtedly still looking for ways to acquire material for their nuclear programme.”

Mike Masnick | “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex.”

Reuters | South Korea says it will not launch pre-emptive strikes.

John J. Xenakis | Vietnam reverses policy and becomes openly anti-China.

The New American | 11-year-old girl one of the victims, according to reports.

Agence France-Presse | Aircraft intended to hit targets at speeds of Mach 10.

CNN | At least 413,000 have evacuated from areas of heavy fighting.

RT | Afghan gov’t wants an end to night raids.

Rick Rozoff and John Robles | Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia will be of particular interest as the US/NATO continues to attempt to expand globally.

Voice of America | Hundreds wounded in fighting over past several days.

John Hudson | It’s been more than two years since U.S. troops withdrew from Iraq. | “What is presently needed is a renewed political will to end the conflict,” the pope said. | Majid al-Majid was arrested by the Lebanese army last month and authorities said he later died at a military hospital. | The drug is keeping fighters on their feet during grueling battles and generating money for more weapons.

RT | China is taking a hard line over islands.

Washington’s Blog | Can We Avoid the “Thucydides Trap” with China?

Washington Free Beacon | President Obama and his administration have been forced on the defensive. | Americans going to Syria to fight against the Syrian government would be radicalized after returning to the US.

BBC News | Over 1,000 said to have been killed so far.

BBC News | The Russian Mission denies Kerry his objective.

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