| Panel overseeing the U.S. Postal Service approved a three-cent hike from the current price of 46 cents. | James Turk believes the time we live in now will be studied by future historians for generations to come.

Paul Joseph Watson | Concerns over capital controls send jitters through market.

Washington’s Blog | This story is starting to go mainstream.

The WSJ | Obama wants to raise the debt ceiling without changing policies.

Zero Hedge | Precisely what many have been saying for years. | Ancillary businesses that service pot shops, grow facilities, and the pot-smokers themselves. | Dow down about 250.

Michael Snyder | Have you been paying attention to what has been happening in Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, Ukraine, Turkey and China?

The WSJ | Weak data from China scares investors. | New data drives down dollar.

The WSJ | Gold settles at $1,262.30 per troy ounce.

Showbiz 411 | As a charitable foundation, NFL gave away only one-one hundredth of its annual income.

Zero Hedge | Hotels to accept Bitcoin for rooms.

CNS News | Increase of almost a quarter-million households since 2012.

Michael Snyder | Did you know that the 85 richest people in the world have about as much wealth as the poorest 50% of the entire global population does?

Kit Daniels | Like FEMA, local police are also preparing for mass panic. | Unemployment rate of those not working at a sky-high 37.2 percent, not the 6.7 percent advertised by the Fed. | Dramatic inflation to follow.

CNS News | At the same pace, the gov’t will add $104 trillion in debt during the babies’ lifetime.

Michael Snyder | Financial institutions all over the world are warning that we could see a “mega default”.

Reuters | Platinum is also at a high. | What does middle class mean in the developing world?

Zero Hedge | Only a tiny 5 tons of gold were sent from the NY Fed. The rest came from Paris.

Forbes | China Credit Trust Co. warned investors that they may not be repaid.

Huffington Post | Almost half of all jobs could be automated by computers within two decades, according to the Economist.

Paul Craig Roberts and Dave Kranzler | The evidence of gold price manipulation is clear.

Reuters | Buy-up in Asia pushes demand.

Bloomberg | Bafin president: “particularly serious because such reference values are based.. on transactions in liquid markets and not on estimates of the banks.”

The Hill | Obama writes his own laws.

CNN Money | Mayor victory for city employees losing their pensions.

Zero Hedge | CEO Patrick Byrne blasts central banking in interview.

Zero Hedge | “Goldman Sachs puppet”. | Bold predictions for 2014.

U.S. News & World Report | Obama’s policies have prolonged the economic crisis.

Reuters | China is currently the largest buyer of gold.

Michael Snyder | Americans have never had less economic freedom than they do right now.

The Wall Street Journal | Americans feel the economy locally, says director of research.

Business Insider | “It’s a lucrative crime and relatively easy to commit,” says security expert.

Mises | Our monetary leaders do not understand the true nature of money and banking.

Michael Snyder | Why has Goldman Sachs chosen this moment to publicly declare that stocks are overpriced?

Chriss W. Street | $5.8 trillion of big government deficit spending has caused the United States to suffer an “internal devaluation.” | Median income (adjusted for inflation) is still lower than it was in 1989.

The New American | The rumors are now confirmed.

Bob Tuskin | Bitcoins are becoming more and more widely accepted.

Zero Hedge | The first Bitcoin ATM will be at a bubble tea shop.

Gizmodo | Cyber-thieves used a “RAM scraper” to capture encrypted data when it is plain text.

AP | Customer data compromised in latest breach.

The Wall Street Journal | Neiman Marcus also says it was hit.

Thomas Lifson | he official unemployment rate has become a joke.

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