The Fed is Out of Ammo… and Options
The bull market of the last six years is over.
by Zero Hedge
US Spends $266M for New U.S. Embassy in Turkmenistan
Incorporates ‘Energy Efficient Lighting,’ ‘Water-Conserving Plumbing.’
by Susan Jones

The Shocking Reality: This Chart Shows Just How Bad Unemployment Is Today Compared to The Great Depression
America is already in the throes of its next Great Depression.
by Mac Slavo
Stocks stage massive swing
Dow was up 1.2%.
by USA Today

Labor Force Participation Rate Hits All-Time Low for American Men
Lowest labor force participation rate for men since BLS began keeping the labor force participation rate in 1948.
by Susan Jones
Record 94,610,000 Americans Not in Labor Force
Participation Rate Lowest in 38 Years.
by Susan Jones

Investments Drop at a Record Pace: “Frightened Investors Withdrew Near Record $63 Billion”
It represents another sign that zero percent interest has screwed over the real economy.
by Mac Slavo

Dow Jones Industrial Average Drops As Wall Street Weighs Federal Reserve Uncertainty, Looming Government Shutdown
Federal Reserve officials could provide more clues as to the timing of the central bank’s inevitable rate hike.
by Jessica Menton
17.4 million Americans hit by identity theft last year
66% of victims suffered direct financial losses.
by Daniel Chaitin

Smoke and Mirrors: Numerous Facts Prove US is Sinking in Poverty
28 percent of all Americans do not have a single cent of savings in case of emergency.
by Sputnik
Can Two Polar Opposite Senators Muzzle the Federal Reserve?
Bill tries to ensure that Fed won’t design emergency lending programs to save one or two individual firms.
by Norbert Michel

The Clean Power Plan Is a Great Way to Make the Poor Poorer
When costs rise from heavy-handed regulation, it takes away opportunities to put food on the table
by Nicolas Loris
Central Banks Don't Dictate Interest Rates
Money creation by central banks is a drug.
by Frank Shostak

Fed Chair Yellen had a Health Scare During a Speech
Chairwoman stopped speech earlier after series of long, awkward pauses.
by Sam Ro
Did Janet Yellen Just Shoot Herself In The Foot, Again?
Pressure of micromanaging world’s biggest economy are clearly catching up to Fed Chair.
by Zero Hedge