Economic Crisis

The War On Cash: Why Now?
The War On Cash: Why Now?
by Charles Hugh Smith
Bankers Are The True Criminals
Bankers Are The True Criminals
by Paul Joseph Watson

Central Banks and Our Dysfunctional Gold Markets
Central banks are manipulating gold markets.
by Marcia Christoff-Kurapovna
Medicare Paid Out ‘Improperly’ $60Bln in 2014
US government has documented massive financial abuses.
by Sputnik

Greek Debt Crisis Shakes US Citizens' Confidence in National Economy – Poll
Last week’s uncertainty took its toll on US citizens’ confidence in their own economy.
by Sputnik
57% of Americans see the US economy "getting worse"
Slump in confidence continues.
by News Forage

Massive Paper Gold Manipulation
$2.7 billion dollars in paper gold dumped on the market Sunday night.
by Investment Watch
China Finally Reveals How Much Gold It Has
They want to keep prices low so they can keep accumulating more.
by Joshua Krause

Take Cover - Wall Street Is Breaking Out The Bubblies
It was irrational exuberance on steroids.
by David Stockman
Shock Report: Are State Agencies Covering for Big Banks?
How long will it last?
by Infowars Nightly News

How Student Loans Create Demand for Useless Degrees
A degree may not be the great deal many higher-education boosters seem to think it is.
by Josh Grossman
Rand Paul Suit Blasts Foreign Banking Rules
Banking laws for overseas accounts amount to a “financial surveillance program,” presidential candidate alleged.
by Lorraine Bailey

The Broken Window Fallacy and "Blessings" of Destruction in the Real World
Destruction may boost income in the short run, but reduce a society’s net amount of wealth.
by Matt Palumbo

Draining the U.S. Treasury: Cost of War in Afghanistan Hits $4 MILLION PER HOUR
Total price tag since 2001 more than seven-hundred billion.
by Investment Watch
Small Business Optimism Crashes To 15 Month Lows
CFOs are “quite concerned about growth cycles over the next six months to a year”
by Zero Hedge

Greece Pledges to Get Rid of Tax Evasion as a Way of Life
Tax dodging is a Greek national pastime.
by ABC News
The Problem of Greece Is Not Only a Tragedy. It Is a Lie
For a small country such as Greece, the euro is a colonial currency.
by John Pilger