Devil Made Him Do It: Oklahoma's Ten Commandments Monument Destroyed
“He claimed he got out of his car, urinated on the monument, and then ran over it and destroyed it.”
by Associated Press
Google exec makes record-breaking, 26-mile parachute jump
Previous altitude record set by Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner.
by New York Times

Death Threats Aimed at Boy, 11, Who Bagged Rare Albino Deer
Environmentalists threaten to kill child.
by Beth Dalbey
Millions of Ebola vaccine doses by end of 2015, WHO says
“Several hundred thousand” would be produced in the first half of the year.
by James Gallagher

Official cites 'epidemic of fear' in US
“Ebola is a dangerous disease, but there is hardly a reason for panic.”
by AP
Teenage Pot Smoking and IQ: Researchers Smoke Out the Links
Can kids under 16 get baked every now and then without limiting their long-term brain power?
by Eric Roston

Why Common Core Will Fail: 'Children Are Not Standardized'
Excessive testing and homework is most deleterious for kids.
by Robby Soave
US will monitor travelers for three weeks when arriving from Ebola-stricken countries
“The bottom line is that we have to keep our guard against Ebola.”
by Jacob Kastrenakes

What do Occupy and the Tea Party have in Common? More than you Might Think
Six points of agreement between “Occupy” leftists and the “Tea Party” right.
by Haystack
Japan man jailed for making guns with 3D printer
Guilty of making two guns at his home and publishing a video online detailing the process…

‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ Deemed Racist, Sexist By Australian Child Care Centers
Harmless nursery rhyme sung by children around the world may now be a hate crime.
by Derek Hunter
Greil Marcus: Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown shooters were really ‘killing Barack Obama’
A music and cultural critic said the shootings of black teens Trayvon Martin in Florida and Michael Brown in Missouri were really proxy killings of the president. Greil Marcus, who taught a course in American Studies at University of California, Berkeley, told Salon that “in a certain way,” the men who shot the teens — George Zimmerman and police Officer Darren […]
by Cheryl K. Chumley

Biden's son discharged from Navy after reportedly testing positive for cocaine
Discharged from the Navy Reserve earlier this year…
by Fox News
Norway authorities remove child from parents over lost tooth
Mother was helping son pull a T-shirt over his head and accidentally knocked out an already-loose tooth.
by RT

Florida man ordered to remove American flag display draws huge support
Anonymous complaint led to city enforcement of law.
by Fox News
The Secret Life of Gov. Paid Trolls
Do basement dwellers serve a purpose?