The One World Economic System Is Here
…And it’s build out of cards.
by The Alex Jones Show
Heat wave subsides in Pakistan as death toll reaches 860
Temperature dropped Thursday to 93.2 degrees Fahrenheit from a high of 113 on Sunday.
by Associated Press

TPP Endgame: Turn America into a Third World Wasteland
A worldwide corporate plantation of serfs indebted to global government.
by Kurt Nimmo
Obama Endangering All Life On Earth
President leading country into war with Russia.
by The Alex Jones Show

Senate Puts Obama on Fast-track to TPP
White House “broke arms and heads” to scrape up the required majority, says Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions.
Proposed copyright bill could outlaw holiday snaps of EU landmarks
Pending bill has kicked up a lot of indignation among photographers.
by RT

Hillary Clinton on course to win presidential election, poll says
NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds former secretary of state is first choice in Democratic primary, and that she would go on to defeat Republican opponents.
by London Guardian
Turmoil Coming to the Markets: Prepare for Bear Market in Bonds
Ron Paul’s tough talk on the coming bear market — how it happeed and what to expect — in this special edition of the Liberty Report.
by Lew Rockwell Blog

24 Times Hillary Clinton Championed TPP as Secretary of State
Hillary’s attack on fast-track bill at odds with her support of TPP…
Iran commander rules out inspections of military sites
No such visits or interviews will be accepted as part of a deal between Iran and the P5+1.
by Press TV

US Catholics Ready to Follow Pope's 'marching orders' on Climate Change
Religious leaders say pontiff’s call for action brings urgency to existing support for environmental measures in Obama administrations’s climate plan.
by Suzanne Goldenberg
Highest ever recorded number of globally displaced at 60 million: UN
Migrants flee war-torn, poverty-stricken countries.
by Reuters

Pope Francis: Humans Are Turning the Earth Into an "Immense Pile of Filth"
An excerpt from the pope’s encyclical on climate change, the environment and inequality.
by Mother Jones
California Has Never Experienced A Water Crisis Of This Magnitude – And The Worst Is Yet To Come
Things have never been this dry for this long in the recorded history of the state of California, and this has created an unprecedented water crisis.
by Michael Snyder

Hayden Mocks Extent of Post-Snowden Reform: “And This Is It After Two Years? Cool!”
Former National Security Agency director attempts to downplay leaks.
by Dan Froomkin
BRICS starts examining SWIFT alternative
BRICS system for the transmission of financial information.
by RT