More Western fighters joining militants in Iraq and Syria
Fresh concern about potential terrorist plots aimed at U.S. or its allies.
by Los Angeles Times

Double standard: 298 killed on MH17 while media ignores 478 killed in Eastern Ukraine by regime
Warning: Extremely graphic photos of slaughtered Ukrainian civilians.
by Kurt Nimmo
Claim: MH17 Was Being Flanked By Ukrainian Fighter Jets
Russia wants explanation for warplane flying within three miles of downed airliner.
by Steve Watson

Planned chaos in the Middle East—and beyond
An unholy alliance of the military-security-industrial complex and the Israel lobby in the post-Cold War world.
by Ismael Hossein-zadeh
Kiev Losing, Sanctions Flopped, Airliner Down, War Back On?
The downing of a Malaysian Boeing 777 airliner will undoubtedly be exploited by NATO to vilify Kiev’s opponents.
by Tony Cartalucci

The architects of the latest war on Gaza
Hamas transferred authority to a government of pro-Western technocrats.
by War In Context
John Bolton: Go toe-to-toe with the Ruskies
Maybe a new Cuban missile crisis will play out this time.
by Kurt Nimmo

6.8 Mag Earthquake Strikes Fukushima Region
Nuclear power plant checking for damage..
by AP
Gaza toll passes 103 as Israel raids continue
103 Palestinians killed as air offensive enters fourth day.
by Aljazeera

Deaths in Ukraine as Russia shuts border
Bus comes under mortar fire.
by Aljazeera
Typhoon Neoguri Heads for Fukushima Nuclear Plant
Storm which has wreaked havoc on Okinawa island chain expected to reach Fukushima early on Friday, as dramatic satellite pictures emerge of Typhoon Neoguri.
by AFP

Organ Harvesting in Ukraine Goes Unreported
Children abducted and flown to America to have their organs removed?
by Tony Cartalucci
Leak at Fukushima Nuclear Plant Threatens Dangerous Meltdown
TEPCO says that currently, there have been no abnormal readings anywhere in the plant.
by Fox News

The Gates Foundation is Developing a Remote-control Contraceptive
A startup has developed a contraceptive chip that could be deactivated and reactivated using a wireless remote.
by Gwen Kinkead
Pope Francis: Catholic Sex Abuse ‘like a sacrilegious cult’ that Sacrifice Boys and Girls
Pontiff makes strongest condemnation yet of paedophile priests and senior clergy who obfuscated rather than punished.
by Lizzy Davies