Yemen: The world’s newest humanitarian catastrophe, and how Britain helped to create it
Britain has actively contributed to the creation a humanitarian disaster in Yemen, and potentially helped turn the Middle East’s poorest state into the new Syria. Not hyperbole or rhetoric, just a bald statement of fact. I’ll leave it to others to try to explain the near total silence on this issue throughout the British media […]
by David Wearing
Hillary Clinton Comes Out in Defense of Planned Parenthood
“It is unfortunate that Planned Parenthood has been the object of such a concerted attack for so many years,” she said.
by Annie Karni

ISIS claims responsibility for blast that killed four Egyptian soldiers
Egypt is battling an increasingly brazen insurgency.
by Reuters
No grounds to keep Russian sanctions in place – French MPs visiting Crimea
French delegation aims to understand the situation in Crimea.
by RT

Dictators and Billionaires Demand Creation of UN Tax Agency
Third World dictators and tax-funded “civil society” groups have stepped up their demands for a United Nations tax authority.
by New American
Nine Reasons Why Low Oil Prices May "Morph" Into Something Much Worse
We are headed back into recession.
by Gail Tverberg

Jerry Brown’s Climate Warning: ‘We are talking about extinction’
California governor delivers ominous climate change speech at Vatican.
by Sacramento Bee
USGS Scientist: Major Quake On Hayward Fault Expected ‘Any Day Now’
The fault that produced a 4.0-magnitude earthquake is expected to produce a major earthquake “any day now”.
by CBS SF Bay

How Goldman Sachs Helped Create the Greek Debt Crisis
2 percent of Greece’s debt magically disappeared from its national accounts.
by Robert Reich
Thank Goodness Everything's Fixed
Once again, everybody wins.
by Charles Hugh-Smith

Planned Parenthood Throws Woman Caught on Video Under Bus
PP CEO: “Our top priority is the passionate care that we provide.”
by Bob Unruh
Video Shows Egyptian Warship Ablaze After Attack Claimed by Islamic State Affiliate
Caught ablaze and other boats were deployed to provide assistance.
by Vice

Stone Cold Proof That America Deserves Judgment
What should be done to a nation that has killed more than 56 million babies and doesn’t even feel bad about it?
by Michael Snyder
GREEK PRIME MINISTER about his deal with eurocrats: “There was a knife at my neck”
Greece’s finances seem to get worse with every meeting.
by Eleni Chrepa

It Starts Today: “A Financial Collapse Is Imminent Within This Six Month Time Period”
It appears that the threat of an epic financial and economic disaster is not only real, but moving full steam ahead right before our eyes.
by Mac Slavo
The ‘Greek Debt Deal’ Is Already Starting To Fall Apart
The “deal that was designed to fail” has already begun to unravel.
by Economic Collapse