State Department Website Taken Down
Multiple attempts to access the site have failed.
by Jeryl Bier
Georgia National Guard Buys Riot Gear as Brown Verdict Looms
Purchase follows Atlanta Police Department’s public preparations for Ferguson-style disorder.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Cosby Rape Allegations: Hollywood Losing Ability to Cover Up Sex Crimes
Even if allegations against Bill Cosby are false, they are forcing a discussion on Hollywood sex abuse in general.
by Kit Daniels
Bush: Clinton My Brother From Another Mother
No difference between the Bush and Clinton families.
by Toby Harnden

Ferguson: Calm Before The Storm
St. Louis braces for verdict.
Obama: The Loneliest President Since Nixon
Facing adversity, Obama has no idea how to respond.
by Peggy Noonan

Obama's Czar Holdren Takes Heat For Advocating Forced Abortions, Global Warming
Holdren supports U.S. takeover by a “planetary regime” practicing population control.
by Kit Daniels
Civil Rights Figure: US Divided by Race Again
“You almost feel like you’re back in the ’60s.”
by Cain Burdeau "

U.S. Murders Drop to 45-Year Low
Not since 1978 was that figure so low.
by Allgov
Climate Activists Claim Deep Freeze Due to "Global Warming"
Activists previously claimed “climate change” would make the world hotter.
by Kit Daniels

Firings have begun at Veterans Affairs
“We can’t change this department unless we change the culture.”
by David Sherfinski
New York doctor cleared of Ebola, which means there are no known Ebola cases in the U.S.
Spencer “has been declared free of the virus.”
by Mark Berman

Princeton makes it official -- USA Has Become Oligarchy
Top 1% reshaped fundamentals of American life, culture and above all politics.
by F. William Engdahl
New Rules Would Aim to Ban Secret Undercover Work by USAID
Agency still under fire for Twitter-like social network in Cuba.
by Desmond Butler & Jack Gillum

Suit: Major Banks Knowingly Funded Hezbollah Terror Operations
“Too big to jail” banks continue funding terror groups, drug cartels.
by Selim Algar
Obama Wants to Turn Internet into Public Utility
Regulating internet service under Title II would mean reclassifying it as a utility, like water.
by Jacob Kastrenakes