Army Officer Barred From Wearing "Offensive" Uniform At Daughter's High School
24-year Army veteran told to go home and change clothes.
by Kit Daniels
Former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Joins CNN
Surprise, surprise…
by Jason Abbruzzese

Republicans to Obama: We Need Your Terror Strategy
Obama plans to outline how U.S. will deal with Islamic State during an address to the nation.
by NBC News
Boehner Refuses To Say If Congress Should Authorize ISIS War
Pressed repeatedly by reporters on the question, Boehner stuck to the same script.
by Jonathan Strong

Obama's ISIS War: Profit for Military Contractors
Avoiding accountability and boots on the ground.
by Kurt Nimmo
BLS: Unemployed More Likely to Go Shopping on Average Day Than Look for Job
On the average day, an unemployed American is more likely to be shopping than to be looking for a new job.
by Ali Meyer

Buchanan: Illegal Immigration Greater Long-Term Threat Than ISIS
Buchanan declared that illegal immigration would shift American politics.
by Breitbart TV
Dems throw millions behind Clinton ally in search of House win
District now evenly split among Republicans, Democrats and unaffiliated voters.
by Kelly David Burke

Fed survey highlights widening U.S. wealth, income gap
Data comes from a massive survey of consumer finances.
by Jonathan Ernst
Video: Common Core Teacher Takes Nearly a Minute to Solve 9+6=15
Common Core creates a dumbed down, obedient population.
by Kit Daniels

Video: The Coming American Chernobyl
Experts warn of crumbling US nuclear power plants.
by Jon Bowne
Hackers Target Credit Data from Home Depot; Company Moves to Soothe Fears
Large cache of stolen data appears on black market sites.
by Javier E. David

Top Experts Warn Of 'Inevitable' Fukushima Disaster In California
Experts warn of ‘American Fukushima’ in California unless immediate action is taken.
by Anthony Gucciardi
SEAL Team 6 Parents to Obama: 'It's Time for You To Step Down...'
“You are not up to this job. You know it. We know it. The world knows it.”

Apple Showcases Education Apps 'Aligned to Common Core Standards'
2+2=5 now streamlined for iPad.
by Mikael Thalen
Piers Morgan On Leaving CNN: I Want to Be Remembered For Alex Jones
Morgan lost his show earlier this year due to public’s rejection of gun control.