Israeli Soldiers Steal Money, Jewelry During West Bank Raid
Israeli forces were searching for firearms but were unable to find any, according to lieutenant colonel with the Palestinian Authority national security forces.
by Press TV
Migrant Crisis: Grim Find of Bodies in Austria Lorry
Number of dead could be as high as 50, police say.
by BBC

Two U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan attack
Latest in a recent string of U.S. deaths.
by USA Today
Distraught Colombians Flee Venezuela as Border Dispute Intensifies
“I feel impotent. I want to cry. I lost everything overnight.”
by Ernesto Guevara, Girish Gupta

Anti-American Sentiment Runs High in Russia After Retired U.S. General Suggested “Start Killing Russians”
There are only two logical conclusions that can be reached about American foreign policy leadership in the 21st century.
by Michael Krieger
Chinese rate cut 'not enough' to dispel concerns
U.S. stocks jumped at the open.
by AP

Deadly Clashes Hit Palestinian Refugee Camp in Lebanon
At least three people killed in fighting between rival armed groups in Ain al-Hilweh camp, near city of Sidon.
by Al Jazeera
Russia Removes Colgate-Palmolive, Procter & Gamble Products Over 'high levels of toxins'
Consumer Protection Agency claims products pose health risks.
by AP

'AK47-Armed' Man Opens Fire on Train, Gets Overpowered by U.S. Soldiers
Jihadi attacker was apprehended by soldiers traveling on the same train.
by RT
Israel Bombs Syria. Is This A Prelude towards a Full Scale War?
Israel said the IDF “targeted 14 Syrian military posts in the Syrian Golan Heights.”
by Stephen Lendman

UK Police Target Schoolchildren as Young as Four with Tax Payer Funded, Transgender Propaganda
“Empowering teachers to encourage and support” transgenderism in schools at the “earliest stages.”
by Liam Deacon
N. Korea's Kim Puts Troops on War Footing with South
No sense of public panic in Seoul despite the dire threats.
by Park Chan-Kyong

Bilderberg China: Communist Secret Meet to Plot World Domination
Welcome to the beach resort where the Chinese Communist Party’s major players convene each year to set the country’s geopolitical and domestic agendas.
by Brendon Hong
Greek PM Tsipras Announces Resignation, Calls for Snap Election
Proposed elections on September 20.
by Newsmax

In Egypt, the "disappeared" Resurface on TV as Terrorists
Detentions and videotaped confessions are a new feature of a crackdown on dissent.
by Ahmed Aboulenein
Saudis to persuade Russia to surrender Assad?
IS was orchestrated as a so-called ‘Ukraine’ for Iran.
by Pravda