UN: France Must Do More to Stop Racism, Refugee Abuse
The agency criticized “territorial ghettos” in poor suburbs.
by ABC News
In Stunning U-Turn, NBC Retracts Story That Obama Lied About bin Laden
Did the most transparent administration in history just transparently strong-arm the press?
by Zero Hedge

6 arrested over suspected IRA plot to kill Prince Charles
Men all have links with the Continuity and Real IRA.
by RT
72 killed in fire at footwear factory in Philippines
Many of the dead were found on the second floor of the factory.
by Jethro Mullen

Wikileaks Releases Transcript Of German Inquiry Into Growing NSA Spy Scandal
WikiLeaks releases ten months of transcripts from the ongoing German Parliamentary inquiry into NSA activities in Germany.
by Glyn Moody
Yet another huge diplomatic victory for Russia
Notion of “isolating Russia” is a non-starter.
by The Saker

Isis claims responsibility for Karachi bus attack that killed 43 passengers
The bus, carrying women and children, was fired on indiscriminately by gunmen on motorbikes.
by Rose Troup Buchanan
Campus Nags Want to Change How Male Students Think
Transforming how tudents think and speak.
by Brendan O'Neill

Egyptian court sentences Mubarak and sons to three years in jail for corruption
“The ruling of the court is three years in prison without parole…”
by Michael Georgy
Corruption scandal ousts Guatemalan vice president
First Guatemalan vice president to step down due to a corruption case.
by Sonia Perez D

Iraq Prison Break: At Least 6 Police Officers, 30 Prisoners Killed As 40 Inmates Escape
Dozens injured on both sides during massive riot.
by Suman Varandani
Obama to confer with Saudi king over Mideast troubles
2 leaders most responsible for current unrest to meet.
by Asociated Press

Canadian Town Makes Insulting Police Online a Crime
Constitutional lawyer calls bylaw a violation of free speech.
by Adan Salazar
Finland Sends Letters To Reservists
Informed reservists what their role would be in a “crisis situation.”
by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Lithuania Launches Provocative War Games Simulating Russian Attack
3,000 Lithuanian troops will be involved in the “Lightning Strike” exercise this week.
by Sputnik
Dutch Firebrand Wants More Cartoon Shows in Wake of Shooting
Geert Wilders wants to set up a special Prophet Muhammad cartoon show at the Dutch legislature in The Hague.
by ABC News