Iceland's most popular party wants to give Edward Snowden citizenship
23.9 percent of Icelanders supported the Pirate Party.
by Daily Dot
Netanyahu Divides as He Conquers in Israeli Election
Campaign leaves him with a raw relationship with the 20% of Israeli citizens who are Arab.
by Ilene Prusher

U.S. could back UN resolution on Palestine, White House official says
Move to come in response to Netanyahu’s two-state reversal, official tells NYT. Obama to pass responsibility for Israel ties to Kerry; ‘President doesn’t want to waste his time,’ says U.S. official.
by Haaretz
Afghan Villagers: US-Trained Militias Far More Terrifying than Taliban
US-backed warlords, drug dealers, and US/NATO imperial occupation.
by Washington's Blog

Germany riot targets new ECB headquarters in Frankfurt
Dozens of people have been hurt and some 350 people arrested .
by BBC
Tunisian hostage-takers killed, ending siege in which gunmen killed 19
Assailants stormed parliament compound in Tunis, before holding tourists at nearby museum.
by Al Jazeera

Greek PM To Meet With Putin Amid Cash Crunch
Oh, the geopolitical ironies.
by Zero Hedge
Iranian Dissidents Criticize Obama’s Nuclear Diplomacy
Dissidents say W.H. ignoring the issues of human rights.
by Adam Kredo

Reports: “Israeli Soldier Killed As Syrian Army Targets Gunmen In Quneitra”
Killed when Syrian soldiers targeted a site belonging to the Free Syrian Army.
by Arab World 360
Kiev Admits Existence of Contracts on Delivery of Lethal Weapons From EU
Obama administration said will provide an additional $75 million in non-lethal military aid.
by Sputnik

Germany says Greece may face exit from eurozone
Germany’s finance minister says Greece may leave the 19-member eurozone if the administration in Athens fails to clinch a final agreement with its international creditors. Speaking in an exclusive interview with German-language Austrian public broadcaster, ORF, on Friday, Wolfgang Schaeuble said the possibility of Greece’s departure from the European Union’s monetary bloc cannot be excluded. […]
by Press TV
EU leaders unlikely to tighten Russia sanctions at meeting next week: diplomats
EU is instead focusing on how it can help ensure the Minsk agreement is fully implemented.
by Reuters

Former Regional Governor In Ukraine Found Dead
Latest in string of violent deaths of officials with ties to ousted leader Viktor Yanukovych.
by Radio Free Europe

Video of the Day – Nigel Farage Blasts the Idea of a “European Army” in One of His Most Powerful Diatribes Ever
We ourselves in the European Union provoked the conflict through our territorial expansionism in the Ukraine.
by Michael Krieger
'Dirty Brigades': US-Trained Iraqi Forces Investigated for War Crimes
“Their behavior must be above reproach or they risk being painted with the same brush as ISIL fighters.”
by ABC News