Police shot dead, protesters detained after suicide bombing roils Turkish
Turkish police detained 11 people as anti-government protests follow a deadly attack on Kurdish town blamed on ISIL.
by Al Jazeera
Thousands of Ukraine ultranationalists gather on Maidan, announce ‘new revolution’
Plans to initiate a referendum on a vote of no-confidence in the Ukrainian authorities.
by RT

German Officials to Ask US for Clarity on Latest Spy Claims
Foreign Ministry says claims constitute “unacceptable espionage against partners.”
by Associated Press
Swedish Immigration Officer Exposed as Jihadist Sympathizer
Claims criticism that she advocated ISIS propaganda represents “Islamophobia”.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Dozens Dead After Terror Attack in Turkish Border City
More than 100 reported wounded.
by CNN
UN endorses Iran nuclear agreement
On condition that Iran respects the agreement to the letter.
by Aljazeera

The Royal Family’s Nazi Ideology
Royal family embraces several Nazi viewpoints, including eugenics.
by The Alex Jones Show
Pope Francis A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing
Pope trashes Christian ideology for Marxism.
by The Alex Jones Show

Islamic State Terrorists Ready To Strike American Soil: Took Credit For Chattanooga Shooting Before Shooter ID’d As Muslim
It appears that ISIS operatives on American soil are coordinating with an extended network and are preparing direct attacks on soft targets.
by Mac Slavo
WikiLeaks Cables Show a Saudi Obsession With Iran
US-backed Saudi Arabia attempting to undermine Iran, documents show.
by Ben Hubbard & Mayy El Sheikh

France Detains 3 Men in Alleged Plot to Attack Military Base
The eldest suspect, 23, had served in the French military.
by Alissa J. Rubin
History of Pre-Infected Electronics Will Block China’s Bid to Purchase US Technology Company
China is the dominant source country for counterfeit electronic parts that are infiltrating the defense supply chain.
by Joshua Phillip

Protesters Throw Petrol Bombs as Greek Parliament Debates Bailout
Anti-austerity protesters hurled petrol bombs at police in front of Greece’s parliament on Wednesday as lawmakers began debating deeply unpopular reforms needed to unlock a new eurozone bailout. Riot police responded with tear gas against dozens of hooded protesters who set ablaze parts of Syntagma square in central Athens as they targeted the officers, AFP […]
by AFP
Syriza Defections Mount Ahead Of Greek Parliament Vote On "Humiliating" Bailout
And that folks is “democracy”, EMU style.
by Zero Hedge

Iran Nuke Deal Means Bank for Military Industrial Complex
Obama ensures massive profits for corporate insiders.
by Infowars Nightly News
Levin: Iran Deal 'Planted the Seeds' 'For World War III,' 'This Is Munich'
“He’s arming up the Islamonazis with nukes, he wants to attack the Second Amendment, nationalize our police force, open our borders.”
by Ian Hanchett