Federal Judge: My Drug War Sentences Were ‘Unfair and Disproportionate’
Nancy Gertner, who left the bench after 17 years, compares the damage caused by drug prohibition to the destruction of cities in World War II.
by Conor Friedersdorf
Cops livid over proposed ‘police reform’ measures
“Policing policies must be left to the police management…”
by Michael Gartland

Cop Resigns after Being Arrested on Battery Charges for Pepper-Spraying an Infant Girl
“Yes, in fact, pepper spray was used…”
by Mike Sawyer
Phoenix police arrest fellow officer on charges of sexual assault, kidnapping
Police chief: “I am extremely disappointed in the actions of Mr. Morris…”
by Fox 10 Phoenix

Officers Fire 19 Shots In Baltimore Co., Unarmed Suspect Killed
“The police officers encountered the subject in a defensive position…”
by Rick Ritter
NYPD's Broken Recruitment: Halts Recruitment Exams, Hires From Huge Backlog
NYPD will suspend its entrance exams for three months to hire new recruits from backlog of 50,000 applicants.
by Sputnik

Poll: Texans Wary of Domestic Use of Military
“During the training operation, it is important that Texans know their safety, constitutional rights, private property rights and civil liberties will not be infringed,” governor said in a letter.
by Ross Ramsey

Video: Cop Previously Fired For Excessive Force Beats Suspect With Shotgun
Could face excessive force charges for second time.
by Steve Watson
Police: Cincinnati man calls 911 on self, kills responding officer
Told dispatchers a man was acting irate with a gun, then gave a description of himself…
by Ben Brumfield

Alabama Cops Fired for Palling Around with White Supremacists
Two Alabama cops were pushed out after a story was published about their white supremacist ties. Before that, however, their police chief and city manager didn’t mind.
by Asawin Suebsaeng
Los Angeles Police Shoot Unarmed Man in Head – And Then Handcuff Him
Man with towel around hand appeared to flag officers down for help…
by Joanna Walters

New Orleans Police Officer Killed While Transporting Suspect
Suspect somehow managed to grab officer’s gun…
by Jessica Williams
Sheriff Apologizes for Jail Inmate's Death From Dehydration
“…systematic breakdown of policies, procedures and communication…” Sheriff says.
by Associated Press

Dylann Roof and Michael Slager are cellblock neighbors in Charleston County jail
Slager is the white S.C. police officer indicted for murder in the April fatal shooting of unarmed black man Walter Scott.
by Jason Sickles
Boston Police Hiding Administrative Stingray Docs Behind 'Investigatory Materials' Exemption
Police still fighting to keep public in the dark on unwarranted surveillance.
by Tim Cushing