Lawsuit: Cop Used Excessive Force
Victim left with severe injuries.
by Anna Lee & Romando Dixson
Cop arrested for flashing male drivers after pulling them over
Cop’s “junk was hanging out,” according to witness.
by Pix 11

Cops Bombed the Wrong Guys, Family Says
Family now feel “their home is a dangerous place to live and are scared to death and rattled by any noise they hear at night.”
by Pat Pemberton
Cops Decide Running Surprise School Shooter Drill During Class At A Middle School Is A Great Idea
If drills to prevent school tragedy actually leave children traumatized, then don’t do those drills…
by Timothy Geigner

Cleveland to Pay $3 Million Over Police Shooting
Thirteen Cleveland police officers fired 137 shots into a car after a high-speed chase.
by Mark Gillispie

AUDIO: Missouri Governor Goes Silent When Asked Who’s In Charge in Ferguson
When asked where the buck stops in Ferguson, Missouri, Gov. Jay Nixon literally went silent.
by Curtis Kalin
Unannounced Shooter Drill Terrifies Students: “I Thought He Was Going to Shoot Me”
The Real Terrorists: Who Watches the Watchers?
by Mac Slavo

'You filthy, abnormal animal’: graphic contents of anonymous letter sent by FBI to Martin Luther King
Written by a deputy of FBI chief J Edgar Hoover posing as disillusioned civil rights activist,
by Rosa Prince
NYC 'Cannibal Cop' Sentenced to Time Served
“I want her to experience being cooked alive. She’ll be trussed up like a turkey… She’ll be terrified, screaming and crying.”
by Associated Press

Police killings highest in two decades
At least seven police departments have been the subjects of federal reviews in the wake of fatal police shootings since 2010.
by Kevin Johnson
Study: Brazilian cops killed more than 11,000 people in 5 years
An average of six killings a day…
by Associated Press

Missouri national guard on standby for Ferguson grand jury decision
Governor announces policing plans for protests.
by Jon Swaine
Cop Thrashes Mother In Front of 8-year-old Son After 'Yelling' Incident
Child ‘traumatized’ after watching cop brutalize mother.
by Adan Salazar

When Cops Get Arrested, Florida Sheriff's Office Conceals Information From Public
Cop charged with rape is treated better than the public.
by Ray Downs
Ferguson Resident: ‘We are Getting Prepared for War’
People are afraid of what could happen.
by CBS News St. Louis