Humiliating Admission By UK Government That Yet More Of Its Surveillance Was Unlawful
Twice now the UK has revealed details purely as a result of challenges.
by Glyn Moody
Police militarization reform bills advance in New Hampshire and Montana
The tragedies of Ferguson, Missouri further intensified the issue.
by New Hampshire Freedom

Students object to online courses recording facial features, knuckles, voice
Software tracks students’ monitor, browser, webcam and microphone activity.
by Victor Skinner
More U.S. cities ban sledding: ‘We can’t protect people from themselves all the time’
“If they banned sledding here I mean it would be a huge disappointment to… us and all the other kids in the area.”
by Victor Skinner

Man acquitted after 24 years in prison sues NYC, police
Convicted in the 1989 shooting death of a teenager during a robbery.
by Yahoo News
Cops Told to Make Ticket Quotas Or Else
Cops turning into revenue generators for state.
by Jakari Jackson

UK Police Forces Have Secret Facial Recognition Database Of 18 Million People, Many Innocent
“You cannot treat innocent people the same way you treat guilty people.”
by Glyn Moody
Alabama’s Governor Apologizes to India After a Man Was Injured in a Police Encounter
57-year-old man was left partially paralyzed after being wrestled to the pavement near his son’s home.
by Rishi Iyengar

Cop Handcuffed 12-yo Boy to Basketball Goal, Beat & Tased Him in Front of Horrified Neighbors
Investigators claim the officer never tased the boy but just fired it off to scare the child.
by Cassandra Rules
Amid NYPD’s Work Stoppage, New York City Sets Record, 11 Days in a Row with No Murders
Lack of police action praised by New York residents.
by Matt Agorist

Cop-shooting suspect: Loud noise woke me, and Mom thought we were being robbed
Man arrested and charged with first-degree attempted murder of a law enforcement officer.
by Charles Rabin
Officials in Missouri are SUING THEIR OWN RESIDENTS for Voting Against the Police State
St. Peters, O’Fallon, Lake St. Louis, and a councilman from O’Fallon have filed a lawsuit against their OWN CITIZENS.
by Matt Agorist

Video: Family Calls 911 to Report Stabbing, Cops Show Up Assault Victim & Arrest Family
“Instead of being helped or making sure nothing else happens to him, he was thrown on the hood of a white car as if he was the suspect.”
by Cassandra Rules
Colorado man cuffed for refusing to share video with police
“Police officers can ask for a copy… but in the absence of a warrant, to actually seize somebody’s personal property, I don’t think police officers can seize it.”
by Ryan Haarer

Court Rules Details of DHS Cellphone Service Kill Switch Can Remain Secret
Concern grows that federal agency is preparing to shut down communications during protests.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Police Officers Can Sue Newspaper For Publishing Descriptive Info, Raising Serious First Amendment Issues
It seems likely that this particular ruling is now likely to be cited against reporters quite a lot.
by Mike Masnick