Rand Paul's NSA lawsuit put on hold
Paul (R-Ky.) and the conservative group Freedomworks filed the suit in February.
by Josh Gerstein
Senator Saxby Chambliss Insists That NSA Reform Would Help ISIS... Despite Having Nothing To With ISIS Surveillance
The latest version of the USA Freedom Act is still on the boards, representing a big improvement in somewhat limiting NSA bulk surveillance on Americans. It’s not great, but it’s a step in the right direction, which would be more than has happened in decades. That said, never underestimate the ability of people spewing FUD. […]
by Mike Masnick

White House Has No International Legal Justification for Hitting ISIS in Syria
Obama was sure he had the domestic legal authority to hit Syria
by Josh Rogin
A state within a state at an alarming rate: Assange says NSA just keeps on growing
Assange does not think things will get better in the near future.
by David D. Kirkpatrick

Committee To Protect Journalists Writes Letter To Obama Demanding Better Media Protection
Media backlash grows as President pushes authoritarianism.
by Catherine Taibi
Mystery Deepens Over Cell 'Interceptors' Found Near White House, Senate
A company that sells secure mobile phones has found more than a dozen “interceptor” cellphone towers in Washington, D.C.
by Truth Revolt

Drone -- With Facial Recognition -- Takes Flight
Drone’s video was fed to person identification software.
by Express News Service
2 Standards of Justice: DOJ Doesn’t Punish Crime Among Its Ranks
Allows its own officials to get away with all sorts of appalling crimes and transgressions.
by Judicial Watch

FBI’s facial recognition system will combine faces of criminals and ordinary citizens
Anyone who has ever had a background check could be identified in a police hunt.
by news.com.au
Beijing bans sale of surveillance devices
Devices for eavesdropping and secret photography will be banned in Beijing.
by China Daily

PM 'absolutely without doubt' New Zealand free of surveillance
John Key has reiterated his position that New Zealanders are “absolutely without doubt” not the subject of mass surveillance. His comments follow several calls by politicians to front up to claims that the GCSB has links to US intelligence and has been involved in mass monitoring. Claims were made yesterday by whistleblower Edward Snowden that […]
FBI's Facial Recognition Program Hits 'Full Operational Capability'
“This effort is a significant step forward for the criminal justice community in utilizing biometrics…”
by RT

Yahoo Wants To Scan User Emails To Figure Out Which Apps To Recommend
No privacy exists within e-mail anymore.
by Nicholas Carlson
FAA Approves Runway For Drones
Lone Star Unmanned Aircraft Systems Center to be built in South Texas.
by Fox News DC

Transparently Bad: U.S. Whistleblowers Feel Blowback
Of 2,900 cases last year, 1,400 involved retaliation against whistleblowers…
by Kenric Ward
Despite Obama’s Pledge to Curb It, NSA Mass Surveillance Wins Rubber Stamp
Mass surveillance just earned another 90-day blank check, nine months after President Obama promised to rein in the NSA’s spying powers.
by Justin Volz