Assange: US prosecuting Barrett Brown for quoting assassination threats against me
Barrett’s jailing partially based on his quoting another person’s threat to assassinate the WikiLeaks founder…
Tennessee Town Passes Policy Banning Negative Comments About The Town's Government
from the the-Supreme-Court-has-roundly-rejected-prior-restraint dept.
by Tim Cushing

Billion Dollar Surveillance Blimp to Launch Over Maryland
18-year-long $2.8-billion Army project intended to use giant airships to defend against cruise missiles…
by Dan Froomkin
Buffett’s Smart-Grid Idea Takes Over Your Washing Machine
Smart grid has ability to control when consumer appliances will be used in the home…
by Alex Webb, Stefan Nicola

Flashback: How the NSA can 'turn on' your phone remotely
“The only way you can tell is if your phone feels warm when it’s turned off…”
by Jose Pagliery

The IRS Is Returning This Woman's Seized Cash But Reserves The Right To Take It Back At Any Time
IRS seized woman’s cash through civil forfeiture, which lets gov’t take money it believes was illicitly obtained even if its owner hasn’t been convicted of a crime or even charged with one.
by Erin Fuchs
Social Security continuing to pursue claims against family members for old debts
Continues to demand payments and now defends that practice in court documents…
by Marc Fisher

CIA Employs War Criminals
One of the reasons repeatedly stated by President Bush for the invasion of Iraq in 2003 was the maintenance of “torture rooms” by Hussein.
by Andrew P. Napolitano
US court extends NSA surveillance rules in current form
A reform bill, the USA Freedom Act, ran into difficulties in the Senate.
by John Ribeiro

CIA unlikely to lose power in wake of interrogation report
Agency expected to emerge with its role and power intact.
by Greg Miller and Dana Priest
Spy Wars: CIA vs. Congress
Why is it okay to spy on U.S. citizens but not government officials?
by Jesse Ventura

Washington pay-by-mile pilot program approval expected
GPS trackers to record drivers’ data in real-time.
by Jake Whittenberg
Swedish Police Raid The Pirate Bay, Site Offline
Police and digital forensics experts seize computers, servers.
by Torrent Freak

Amazon warns it could take drones testing outside US
“In the absence of a timely approval by the FAA to conduct outdoor testing…”
Drones in demand: Congress eyes more surveillance craft for Islamic State fight
Congress blocks retirement of most famous drone assassins, and increases procurement of second bomb-dropping, surveillance unmanned aircraft.
by Rowan Scarborough