Justice Department: We’ll Go After ISIS’s Twitter Army
Not all speech is free — if it’s in support of ISIS. Helping the terror group spread the word online is a violation of anti-terror laws, a top Justice Department official says.
by Shane Harris
Gemalto: NSA and GCHQ Probably Hacked Us, But Didn't Get SIM Encryption Keys
Gemalto the world’s largest maker of SIM cards.
by Slashdot

Cities Roll Out Red Carpet For Illegals
Elite using illegals to collapse welfare state – and America.
by David Knight
Lawmaker Who Said Snowden Committed Treason, Now On Other Side Of Metadata Surveillance
Lawmaker’s ignorance of surveillance becomes his downfall.
by Mike Masnick

CIA looks to expand its cyber espionage capabilities
Even considered creating a new cyber-directorate.
by Greg Miller
How your phone and fitness band could end up giving evidence against you
In criminal proceedings from accident claims to terrorism charges, how should the authorities strike the appropriate balance between justice and privacy?
by Ben Lovejoy

SIM Card Producer Denies Any Real Risk From NSA Hacking Its Encryption Keys
Company makes laughable claims following historic breach.
by Mike Masnick
Silicon Valley Cops Want To Use 'Stingray' Cell Phone Surveillance Technology For Investigations
“Community members have not had any real opportunity to voice concerns they have with a very invasive tracking system.”
by Jeff Stone

Lenovo Shipping PCs with Pre-Installed 'Superfish Malware' that Kills HTTPS
Company defends deplorable malware.
by Swati Khandelwal
Bush jumps into privacy fight, backs controversial NSA program
Insists program rules “do protect our civil liberties.”
by Julian Hattem

The First AI War Is Coming
Will a small tech elite pit themselves against the rest of humanity in a 21st “Artilect” war of gigadeath?
by David Knight
Google warns of US government 'hacking any facility' in the world
Google says increasing the FBI’s powers set out in search warrants would raise ‘monumental’ legal concerns that should be decided by Congress.
by Ed Pilkington

Obama’s CISPA Exec Order & NSA in Your Firmware
Obama enacts CISPA by fiat.
by David Knight
DARPA Neural Interface Makes Ray Kurzweil's Dream A Reality
DARPA wants to make heads-up Internet displays a part of natural biology.
by Infowars.com

GCHQ Will Have To Start Letting Everyone Know Whether Or Not They've Been Illegally Spied On
“Because the IPT found the intelligence sharing to be illegal, anyone, inside or outside the UK, can file a complaint.”
by Tim Cushing
President Obama: I'm A Big Believer In Strong Encryption... But...
Obama complains about government’s inability to crack all encryption.
by Tech Dirt