Google discloses vulnerability in web encryption technology
SSL 3.0 is still widely used.
by Reuters
Censorship Alert: the Alternative Media Harassed by the NSA
United States engaged in aggressive campaign that targets independent media and falsifies history.
by Christof Lehmann

NSA 'Core Secrets' leak points to spies working within companies
Spies infiltrate commercial companies from within.
by Zack Whittaker
School bans birthday cake, sweets
“Non-food treats,” such as “pencils, erasers, bookmarks,” still allowed.
by Jessica Brown

Millions of voiceprints quietly being harvested
Governments around the world turning to voice biometrics to collect taxes.
by Associated Press
Edward Snowden’s Privacy Tips: “Get Rid Of Dropbox,” Avoid Facebook And Google
People who care about their privacy should stay away from popular consumer Internet services…
by Anthony Ha

Leaked Documents Reveal NSA’s Computer Network Attack System: Reports
NSA had agents in China, Germany, South Korea and in American firms, possibly impersonating employees or businessmen.
by Ria Novosti
FAA Trying to Erase 1981 Document That Legalized Hobby Drones
Request put in to formally cancel document under which model aircraft have legally operated since 1981.
by Jason Koebler

Feds Stole Woman's Identity, Made Fake Facebook Page for Her
A DEA agent commandeered a woman’s identity, created a phony Facebook account in her name, and posted racy photos he found on her seized cell phone. The government said he had the right to do that.
by Chris Hamby
You, according to your Facebook Atlas ID
Last week Facebook introduced Atlas, its “people-based marketing” answer to the failures of the tracking cookie.
by Sara M. Watson

Facebook: We're still experimenting on users, but now it's less creepy
Social media giant not seeking to end mood-altering user experiments anytime soon.
by James O'Toole
FBI Director: The Internet Is The Most Dangerous Parking Lot Imagineable
“I think there’s something about sitting in front of your own computer… that makes it hard to understand the danger.”
by Mike Masnick

New York Quickly Nixes Cellphone Tracking Devices in Phone Booths
Investigation found city allowed 500 radio transmitters, called “beacons,” to be installed in pay phone booths…
by Cora Currier
Self-driving cars—the next terrorism threat?
Experts concerned new industry technology could be susceptible to sinister cybercriminal activity.
by Matt Clinch

Tyranny Beyond Anything Yet Known on Earth
Feds are setting up the machinery of a totalitarianism beyond anything yet known on the earth.
by Fred Reed
Failure to pass US surveillance reform bill could still curtail NSA powers
If the Senate doesn’t pass the USA Freedom Act after the midterm elections, a key section of the Patriot Act could expire.
by Spencer Ackerman