by Steve Knepp

Published on Apr 30, 2013
NOTE: Due to upload/encoding errors there was a 10 minute gap in this video. The complete, error free version is located at

This video is submitted as an entry in the “Operation Paul Revere Contest” sponsored by Alex Jones and

Our rights are under attack in ways our forefathers could not imagine, and in ways that insult the sacrifices they made to found our nation. If we do not stand up for our rights and liberty, the global government will succeed in their nefarious plot to lower us to the standards of the third world heritage of the POTUS.

European bankers have conquered our financial system and hijacked our economy. Our Congress has not only stood by while they’ve done it, they played right into their hands. Europe has been trying to get us back under their control since 1776. They could not defeat the will and power of free men, but instead engineered the greatest heist and fraud in the history of the economic world, the Federal Reserve.

This film is an overview of how the Fed and global bankers stage false flags, create wars, finance both sides of the war and make trillions.

Are you willing to stand and fight for your rights, or are you simply going to cower on your knees to these globalist thugs?

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