The Theorist

By: Sara Rogers

A film about a man attempting to enlighten and inform anyone he can reach about modern threats to family and freedom. This film unapologetically addresses the truth about vaccinations, VIPR, TSA, armed drones, GMO, gun rights, American/human rights, attacks on the Ameirican Constitution and Bill of Rights and much more.

This film was shot using only 3 families and inclusively in a 3 month time period (February 2013- April 2013) for the Operation Paul Revere film contest. Contains 100%
original footage shot by the filmmaker, even the drone :) Please note: All guns used around the children were fake movie prop guns incapable of firing real bullets.

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Online Film Festival: Operation Paul Revere

Thanks to all the contestants, we received over 600 films and what you are seeing is a collection of selected entries with outstanding information, production values and shown exemplary activism.

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July 22nd: Finalists

July 29th: 3rd Place winner $5,000.00

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