The Faceless Soldier

by chebitebitoma

Published on Feb 23, 2013

Brainwash Video. 6 Alex Jones subliminals added. “It’s Only Just Begun.” New feature coming out soon, by the end of April. Music ceased and altered for portrayal of modern, citizen-centered constitutionalism; specifically the 1st.

Recommendations: fall into an inebriated state, increase bass if possible, and crank the volume.

“Existence” Version 1.5C. Dedicated to the late Grandpa Alex. Shot and edited in the the American Spring (March 2012).

About the short movie: This “idea” was originally conceived in 1999 while on a bicycle listening to SOAD Chop Suey. Though the original idea has evolved and transformed to be drastically different then the original, roots are roots. The “idea” progressed into several feature length versions which were never completed due to lack of resources and time “obligations” restricting my abilities and capabilities. A feature length version was almost made in 2004 as a high school senior project, but production ceased after the over-seeing teacher told me that they couldn’t have guns involved due to the school shooting stuff going on. During college I only wrote. A 33 minutes narrative version was going to be made, but once again I was in bondage and unable to chase that dream. Ergo, this musicvideo-esque version was created with a general visual theme of “What movie would be shown in order to brainwash someone?” Electronic music was chosen to fall into line with the facets of technology, computer hacking, etcetera. The time length is rather short to fulfill contest requirements, so pardon the jumpiness, but it is intended for many reasons. I was told month prior to production, and in filmmaking books, to never use my friends to make a movie. I did just that, for my friends were/are the perfect match; youth in revolt and each holding unique spiritual and cerebral evolution, and as a pseudo humanoid-based time capsule. The movie is based on a triple axiom; 1.) Existence (this version); 2.) Identity (the story of the actual making of the short); and 3.) Consciousness (the reversed version). The night after the movie was “finished,” April Fool’s Night, both me and another actor faced death in a terrible car accident on LSD (Lake Shore Drive); going head-on into a concrete wall at 90mph after a pretty gnarly drift. Sadly, the blue antenna car in the beginning of the short movie was totaled. The driver suffered from a fractured sternum, lung damage, chest damage, and concussion. I, on the other hand, was not wearing a seatbelt, so I rocketed face first into the windshield losing 40% of my forehead flesh and getting scapled a bit. I pinballed around the car and got to hear my own death rattle afterwards. Anyways… it is my honor to present teh F4C3L355 S01D!3R, made for you, the internet people.

Caveat: I am using the freedom of speech and artistic expression card for the use of music, which is not mine. I am terribly sorry for using the artists’ music without their consent, but it remains in tandem with one of the prevailing messages of the video; i.e. censorship, corporate abuse of artists, etcetera. Hardcopy versions are given away and I have only “lost” money during this creation process. To those who cast me as unpatriotic, an anarchist, etcetera… I ask what is MORE American? Freedom and Liberty? Or profit and capitalism? I am not the 99%. I am not the 1%. I am the 0% for the 100%.

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