Pedestrians Attacked by Secret Service for Walking in Street

Kurt Nimmo
June 4, 2010

Two men in the district of criminals were “subdued” (assaulted) for the crime of walking in the street yesterday, June 3.

It was a crime because his lordship — installed president teleprompter reader and chief narcissist Barry Obama — was returning to town and the Secret Service declared the pedestrians to be a threat to his motorcade. It is said the men refused direct orders from the Uniform Division of the Secret Service to clear the street.

“A Secret Service spokesman said the 2 men were arrested and charged with assault of a police office and failure to obey a lawful order,” the AP reports. This is now standard procedure — people get attacked by the cops and then charged with assault.

No word yet if they will be sentenced to years in the prison-industrial complex for the crime of walking in the street as the anointed one approached in his bullet-proof limo.

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