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New Mexicans seeking Cheney tickets have to sign oath

KRQE News 13 / AP/ July 30, 2004

Some New Mexicans who wanted to hear Vice President Dick Cheney speak in Rio Rancho were refused tickets Thursday unless they signed a pledge to endorse President Bush.

Bush campaign spokesman Dan Foley says it was a security step meant to avoid a disruption of Saturday's speech.

Foley says some Democrats were screened after calling from a line that self-identified as America Coming Together -- an activist group that supports Kerry.

Two men who sought tickets said they were required to give name, driver's license number, address and other information. They were presented the pledge of endorsement when they arrived to pick up the tickets.

John Wade says he signed the pledge because he wanted the tickets but then changed his mind and returned the tickets in exchange for his pledge.

Kerry campaign spokesman Ruben Pulido Junior says there is no plan by the campaign to disrupt Cheney's event.

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911:  The Road to Tyranny