ush/Kerry in Skull and Bones Oath of Silence?
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Bush/Kerry in Skull and Bones Oath of Silence?


Jon Rappoport | September 15 2004

As you all know, both Bush and Kerry are members of Skull and Bones. You also know that both men have been asked about their affiliation with that old-boy network, and they have publicly refused to discuss it.

It occurs to me---and, so far at least, the current election campaign would support this---that members of S&K don't directly attack one another in unseemly ways.

(For that they have surrogates.)

Is it possible that Kerry is now chewing on his own innards in silence because he has pledged never to bare teeth and go after one of his brothers in the fold?

Bush, too, if memory is serving me, has been rather lite on Kerry.

Is this politness on both sides a reflection of an S&K oath taken?

Now that would be a question to pose in the debates. Of course, no one will.

ATTACK, of course, is a relative term. But I'd say that neither candidate has directly lowered the boom on the other. I know, it's part of politics to keep your cool. However, in this case, maybe something else is at work.

If so, it would be quite revealing. Men and women, girls and boys dying in Iraq, on and on and on, and the man who is supposed to stand up and deliver the shattering critique of the war is, instead, harkening back to some guarantee he made rolling around naked next to a fake coffin in the dark at Yale, confessing his little sexual secrets, pulling his pud

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911:  The Road to Tyranny