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Condoleezza Rice is a Lying Shill for Her Terrorist Masters

Alex Jones
April 8, 2004

Condoleezza Rice and the 911 Whitewash Commission are putting on a huge theatrical display. I have made two documentary films covering September 11th and have written a book on the subject. I have interviewed dozens of government officials and have been continually researching the CIA-Al-Qaeda connection even prior to 9/11.

I can say unequivocally that Condoleezza Rice is a congenital liar. Remember, this is the woman who got up on national television and told the world that no one in the White House or in the intelligence complex had ever heard of terrorist plans to crash planes into buildings.

As a radio broadcaster, I had seen at least 50 mainstream media reports in the six years leading up to 9/11 reporting on the fact that Islamic terror groups were planning to fly aircraft into US, British, French, Israeli and Egyptian landmarks.

Her lie was so blatant that even the dumbed-down general public saw right through it. She later had to admit that she was wrong. (That makes her a liar) But it wasn't just her, it was the whole beady-eyed administration crowing like a bunch of roosters that no one in the world had ever heard of such a plan. This was despite the fact that in November of 2000 the Pentagon ran a drill in which terrorists flew a plane into the Pentagon.

Now Rice has the sickening aplomb to go on national television and claim that the first major national security policy directive of the administration was "not Russia, not missile defense, not Iraq, but the elimination of al-Qaida."

This would have me rolling on the floor if so many people hadn't died on September 11th.

The truth is public knowledge, but it has been buried in the back of hundreds of newspapers in the US and across the world. Bush ordered the FBI not to stop Al-Qaeda and to leave terrorist funding organizations alone in the US. He threatened to arrest FBI agents that continued to investigate Al-Qaeda, Hamas and others.

Bill Clinton told three separate countries that he didn't want them to arrest Al-Qaeda. He also ordered the FBI to stop investigating them while, at the same time, refusing to even take receipt from foreign countries of thousands of pages of documents detailing Al-Qaeda operations.

The truth be known, Al-Qaeda is a military-industrial complex creation. It is a wholly manufactured threat to be used to scare Americans and people of the world into submission. The 9/11 commission is a joke. Chairman Keen is in business with Bin Laden's brother-in-law. Almost every member of the commission and top staffers were involved in the 9/11 cover-up prior to the commission being formed.

Don't forget that the first "independent" head of the commission was going to be known war criminal Dr. Henry Kissinger. When that backfired on the globalists, they simply got lesser known thespians to carry out their Shakespearian WWF play.

If this were a real commission they would be asking Condoleezza Rice why the White House called Mayor Willie Brown of San Francisco on the night of September 10th and warned him not to fly to New York on the morning of September 11th. They would ask Dr. Rice why her boss, George Bush, ordered her to allow 144 members of the Bin laden family to be picked up by three separate flights and flown out of the country on the night of September 11th, when all other air traffic was grounded.

The kangaroo commission would ask her to explain why the CIA was running a major drill out of DC at 8:30 AM on September 11th simulating hijacked planes being flown into landmarks in New York and DC.

They would ask her why NORAD stood down for over an hour for the first time in US history.

Of course, the commission, in secret session, talked to FBI translator Sibel Edmonds who told them in specific detail how she was ordered to falsify records in order to cover up evidence of specific warnings before 9/11 of plans by Al-Qaeda to fly planes into skyscrapers in US cities. She also talked about how John Ashcroft offered to bribe her with a better job to keep quiet and threatened to arrest her if she didn't shut up. He also had her followed. now the commission has never said one word about these incredible revelations in all the countless press conferences and TV news shows they've been on.

My friends, there are over 600 smoking guns. Not just the four that I talked about. These smoking guns are in my documentary films, 911: The Road to Tyranny and The Masters of Terror and in my book 911: Descent into Tyranny as well as in a book published by, Order Out of Chaos, by acclaimed researcher Paul Joseph Watson.

Below is a link to the Prison Planet 911 Archive, it is one of the most extensive in existence. I suggest that you spend time looking at these four particular subsections to understand how the truth is hiding in plain sight:

W199I - FBI hindered in Al-Qaeda investigation

Clinton Administration protection of terrorists

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Bin Laden the CIA Asset

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911:  The Road to Tyranny