Alex Jones Presents to Fight the New World Order -- 9/11 Victim Ellen Mariani's Lawsuit
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9/11 Victim Ellen Mariani's Lawsuit
Alex interviews 9/11 Widow Ellen Mariani and Her Attorney -- Click Here for an Audio Archive of the Interview

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9/11 Victim Ellen Mariani's Open Letter to the President of the United States

Press Release

"You Mr. Bush should be held responsible and liable for any and all acts that were committed to aid in any "cover up" of the tragic events of September 11, 2001..."

911 Victim's Wife, Ellen Mariani, files RICO Act

Press Release

911 Victim's Wife, Ellen Mariani, files RICO Act
[Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act]
Federal Court Complaint against President Bush
and Cabinet Members

9/11 Victim's Wife, Ellen Mariani, Plans to Fight for Her Late Husband's Honor by taking on US Government

Press Release

9/11 Victim Ellen Mariani's Suit Against Bush et al.

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Press Ignores 9/11 Widow's Bush Treason Suit

David Kubiak

Grieving New Hampshire widow who lost her man on 9/11 refuses the
government's million dollar hush money payoff, studies the facts of the
day for nearly two years, and comes to believe the White House
"intentionally allowed 9/11 to happen" to launch a so-called "War on
Terrorism" for personal and political gain.

Guerrilla of the Week


A widow brings a bold suit.

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911:  The Road to Tyranny