Baja Beach Club Microchip Implantation expansion plans
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Baja Beach Club Microchip Implantation expansion plans
Sept 30, 2004

A Listener Writes:

Dear Mr. Jones and coworkers,

A relatively critical report was shown on German television, on September 9,
dealing with Verichip implants and the Baja Beach Club. Perhaps most
interesting was the announcement of plans to open two new clubs in Rotterdam
and Cologne in the near future.

On the website of the television show (see link below) it is possible to
watch the report in question, and perhaps you could even make use of some of
the footage.

Here is a translation of the short accompanying text (again please see the
link below)just so you have an impression:

"In Germany there are at least 500,000 surveillance cameras, mostly in
public places and shopping centers. Security and crime prevention are
however not the only use for modern surveillance technology. Implanted
micro-chips and finger-scans are used in night clubs as payment and for
access to VIP lounges. Polylux meets party people who have made their bodies
to voluntary data-banks."


Baja Beach Club in Barcelona, Spain Launches Microchip Implantation for VIP Members

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911:  The Road to Tyranny