Woman Arrested For Chewing In D.C. Metro Station
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Woman Arrested For Chewing In D.C. Metro Station

Woman Handcuffed, Held For Three Hours

AP/ July 29, 2004

WASHINGTON -- You can't eat and ride in the nation's capital.

A Maryland woman said a transit officer in Washington, D.C., handcuffed and held her for three hours after she finished a candy bar at a Metro station.

Stephanie Willett told The Washington Post she was heading into a station while eating a PayDay bar when a transit officer told her to finish it before entering.

They both agree that she put the last bit in her mouth -- but she says the officer followed her inside the station. After she made a comment, Willett said the officer searched, handcuffed and arrested her.

Willett was released several hours later after paying a $10 fine. A Metro spokeswoman said the woman was arrested for ignoring a warning.

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911:  The Road to Tyranny