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Embedded Microchip Seller Verichip Announces: The ChipMobile is on the Move!
Watch for the Chip Mobile coming to your town!

April 7, 2004

Hey kids! So much for the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile -- the beast system is here, and Verichip has announced that "The ChipMobile is on the move!"

Verichip is pumping up promotion of it's embedded microchips across the country and around the world. From the "ChipMobile" here in the US to stunts like implanting VIPS members of an exclusive club in Barcelona, Spain with status-symbol microchips the high-gloss promotion is on the move globally.

Alex has spoken many times over the years about how they would make the chip "fun," and how, by giving it an elite status, an entire generation of young teenagers would soon be arguing with their parents demanding that they let them be implanted so that they can be in the "in" crowd.

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For Verichip's ChipMobile announcement, visit this page on their loving website:


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911:  The Road to Tyranny