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Palm Beach town turns cameras on license tags

Palm Beach Post
April 19, 2004

MANALAPAN - By the end of summer, the license tag of every car entering the multimillion-dollar Point Manalapan neighborhood will be digitally recorded despite midnight darkness or midday glare, even if the driver bolts through the stop sign.

With technology only months old, the seaside bedroom community in Palm Beach County will be one of the state's, if not the nation's, first municipalities to use license-tag recognition technology for more than just writing traffic tickets.

''Big Brother is watching you,'' said Town Commissioner Peter Blum last week after commissioners approved spending up to $60,000 on the system.

''Or, Little Brother, in this case,'' said Commissioner Tom Gerrard, a retired telecommunications executive who is helping guide the town's foray into technological crime-prevention.

Government cameras pointed at citizens are nothing new, but better technology and lower costs are making it more popular.

The town of Palm Beach installed cameras on Worth Avenue two years ago after a rash of smash-and-grab robberies.

If the Point Manalapan system works well, commissioners may consider a town-wide wireless system.

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911:  The Road to Tyranny