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Sea World Biometrically Scanning Visitors at Its Parks

NEW!! Watch an 8 minute video clip on biometrics at Sea World and how the globalists are preparing us for their total control cashless control grid system --
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March 15, 2004

I woke up on Saturday the 13th of March, 2004 and told my wife that I hadn't been to Sea World since my visit to the Orlando park 20 years ago. We decided to jump in the car and drive south from Austin to the aquatic zoo in San Antonio.

Upon arriving, we walked up to the ticket counter and began talking to the attendant. He told us that a season pass was only $8 more than a daily pass. At that point I said, "great, we'll buy season passes." What he didn't tell me is that I would have to go enroll in their "passport office."

I learned that 30 seconds after I bought it, and they directed me to an office that resembled a driver's licence facility. After standing in line, we got our passes. Then, we were directed back to the turn styles.

I was shocked when told by the security guard at the turn style, that I would have to biometrically scan my right hand in order to enter the park. I refused and said that it was against my religion. I told them that it was a part of a federal program in conjunction with major corporations to prepare us for the cashless society that is being set up to track all of our purchases, activities, and is being used to build detailed psychological profiles on all of us.

At that point she said, "wow, I'm glad you're telling me all of this," and looked very concerned. Other attendants and security guards were nodding their heads and smiling at me. She told me that a lot of people were uncomfortable scanning, and that if I didn't' want to I didn't have to.

I asked her and the gathering knot of employees why they didn't just use picture IDs. I had seen all the derelict cameras at the "passport office" and was wondering why they didn't take a picture of me then. She replied that she did not know, that the old IDs did have a picture on them, which had worked just fine.

We had a video camera in my wife's backpack, but we didn't think to use it because this was so spontaneous. Later, after we had seen a few of the exhibits, Violet told me that I ought to go back and interview them.

By Wednesday we'll have a short report containing the video of our second interview with them.

Grocery stores, banks, public schools: they're all putting in Biometrics. 42 states through a Federal mandate have now installed these systems in order to get a Driver's licence. This is about getting rid of our jobs, creating the control grid and getting us into their system. It's about getting rid of the Sea World attendants' job and replacing her with an automated tracking system.

(photo by Violet Jones) -- Here's a picture of one of the biometric scanners at the entrance to Sea World

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911:  The Road to Tyranny