Bumper stickers, GPS tracking keeps tabs on teens
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Bumper stickers, GPS tracking keeps tabs on teens

Speeding, erratic lane changing and risky maneuvers are as common in teen driving as their blaring music.

Robert Berry thinks he might have solved the problem of terrible teen-age driving with his new company, Teen Arrive Alive.

Berry is a former partner of the company responsible for the "How's My Driving" stickers that hang on the bumpers and trailers of thousands of vehicles across the country.

Using a similar bumper sticker decal along with GPS tracking technology, Berry said Teen Arrive Alive will be a life-saving tool.

Berry said he got the idea when we worked on the How's My Driving campaign.

"Moms would call us and ask if we had a How's My Driving sign for teens," Berry said.

The Teen Arrive Alive system works using either a decal-based or GPS-monitoring system.

The decal-based system works similar to the How's' My Driving campaign, where a person can report erratic driving by calling the number on the bumper sticker. The person's complaint is recorded and sent directly to the parents' phone.

The GPS system is equipped with a free Motorola i730 cellular phone with a GPS unit built into it.

The parent has several features with the GPS system, including minute by minute tracking that can be accessed by a computer or phone.

The parent can also set up speed and location perimeters with the system so if the teen driver goes faster or beyond the perimeter, the parents will get a call on their phone.

Teen Arrive Alive was started last year by Berry. He said the company will begin a hard launch of advertisements with television infomercials scheduled for October.

Beginning today and running through Saturday, Teen Arrive Alive will host the Funny Car Nationals during the Monster Mopar Weekend at Gateway International Raceway in Madison.

The competition includes more than 40 classic funny cars competing in blown nitro, blown alcohol and fuel injected races.

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911:  The Road to Tyranny