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Applied Digital's Verichip goes prime time

Palm Beach Post | November 1 2004

Applied Digital Solutions Corp. in Delray Beach received government approval to sell its Verichip technology last month.

But it got a second boost that might have been as important. The producers of CSI-Miami, the crime drama on CBS, mentioned the technology in one of its episodes, giving it the stamp of social acceptance.

In the episode, a scantily clad clubgoer in South Beach has her credit-card number imbedded on a Verichip, which is then injected beneath the skin. Her reasoning: She has no place else to put to her card. The Verichip can carry vital information, in this case a credit-card number, on a chip the size of a rice grain.

"It's a means of exposure. The more you're out there and people see the technology, even in a fictional story, it certainly validates its existence," Applied Vice President Angela Fulcher said.

Even better, the TV exposure was a freebie. CSI-Miami contacted Applied Digital.

"It wasn't created or scripted by the Verichip Corp.," Fulcher said. "They created a story line and ran with it."

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911:  The Road to Tyranny