Abu Ghraib: 27 more named
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Abu Ghraib: 27 more named

News 24 | August 25 2004

Washington - Twenty-seven military intelligence specialists "encouraged" or "participated" in abuses of inmates at Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq, according to a United States army report released on Wednesday.

"From July 25 2003 to February 2004, 27... (military intelligence) personnel allegedly requested, encouraged, condoned or solicited military police personnel to abuse detainees and/or participated in detainee abuse and/or violated established interrogation procedures and applicable laws and regulations during interrogation operations at Abu Ghraib," said the report.

Pentagon officials released to key lawmakers in the US congress the internal report by General George Fay who investigated abuses of Iraqi inmates during interrogations by military police.

The release of the investigation's findings came just one day after another independent probe concluded that leadership failures at the top levels of the pentagon contributed to the chaotic environment in which detainees were abused.

The blue-ribbon panel headed by former defence secretary James Schlesinger on Tuesday cited leadership shortcomings among the joint chiefs of staff and the military command in Iraq that contributed to the abuse at Abu Ghraib


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