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Rights Group Blasts America's 'Secret Detention Centres'

Authorization of Torture by Bush an Impeachable Offense

Bad Apples at the Top: Bush Team's Stand on Torture looks Worse than Ever

Rumsfeld ordered 'ghost detainee'
The US military has been secretly holding a suspected terrorist in Iraq on the orders of the Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Pentagon Admits Holding Iraqi in Secret
Pentagon Acknowledges Improperly Holding Iraqi in Secret, Violating Geneva Conventions

Pentagon: Military Hid Iraq Prisoner from Red Cross

Legal scholars say condoning abuse could be impeachable offense

US general: I was told to treat prisoners like 'dog'

The Torturers: New revelations expose the corruption at the heart of Empire

Man beaten so long and so severely his kidneys failed

Britain to Charge Four Soldiers with Iraq Abuse

More Torture Allegations Surface

Interrogation abuses were 'approved at highest levels'

New allegations of systematic abuse of Iraqis by British troops

New Details of Prison Abuse Emerge: Abu Ghraib Detainees' Statements Describe Sexual Humiliation And Savage Beatings
Previously secret sworn statements by detainees at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq describe in raw detail abuse that goes well beyond what has been made public, adding allegations of prisoners being ridden like animals, sexually fondled by female soldiers and forced to retrieve their food from toilets.

Click Here to View the New Abuse Photos Posted by the Washington Post

Videos Amplify Picture of Violence
The video begins with three soldiers huddled around a naked detainee, his thin frame backed against a wall. With a snap of his wrist, one of the soldiers slaps the man across his left cheek so hard that the prisoner's knees buckle. Another detainee, handcuffed and on his back, is dragged across the prison floor.

Click Here to view the video

Prisoners faced 'mock' executions, says soldier

GI: Boy mistreated to get dad to talk

Neocon Apologist Piece from the Washington Times: Press can't let abuse story go

ABC Airs Troops Posing With Body Photos

Pentagon finds more pictures of Iraq abuses

More Photos Surface: Soldiers Shown Giving Thumbs Up By Body of Dead Iraqi Prisoner

Rights Groups Say Abu Ghraib Abuses Extension of US Prison System

US army attacked wedding party, say witnesses
41 Killed -- Mostly Women and Children

Bush Rushing to Show Iraq Handover Strategy

U.S. Soldiers Raid Chalabi's Home in Iraq

Slap on the Wrist: Sivits to Serve Jail Time for Iraqi Abuse

Lynndie England told investigators that male Iraqi prisoners were forced to wear women's "maxi pads" and crawl on their hands and knees through broken glass.

Iraq-Born Swede Asks $100,000, Claiming Torture at Abu Ghraib

Nick Berg is Number One Search Term With Web Users


US forces were taught torture techniques
Soldiers' accounts reveal widespread use of sleep deprivation and mock executions

U.S. Troops Release Over 300 Detainees

US soldier 'details prisoner abuse'

Rumsfeld snubbed on Iraq prison visit

This is the future of the NWO -- low grade morons given unlimited power to make you submit: LEASH GAL'S SEX PIX
videos showed the disgraced soldier - made notorious in a photo showing her holding a leash looped around an Iraqi prisoner's neck - engaged in graphic sex acts with other soldiers in front of Iraqi prisoners

"We've already had two prisoners die...but who cares? That's two less for me to worry about."

'They abused me and stole my dignity'
Iraqi was bound, beaten and forced to spend 18 days naked in cell

Rumsfeld Visits Abu Ghraib, Eye of Abuse Storm

Rumsfeld makes surprise visit to Iraq

Soldier says she was ordered to pose with prisoner on leash

CBS to Air U.S. Soldier's Video Diary of Iraq Abuse

Senators to See More Iraqi Abuse Photos

Abuse of Iraqis 'well thought through'

Bush administration has used 27 rationales for war in Iraq, study says

'Army boss wanted to Gitmo-ize Iraq prison'

Author of Army abuse report to testify

Top brass 'picked man who ordered torture'
The creation of torture units was the consequence of orders by the Defence Department – headed by Secretary Donald Rumsfeld – to prise information out of prisoners.

Rumsfeld doing a 'superb' job, Bush says

Iraq Torture Update -- New Photos and Articles

May 10, 2004

Yet more grisly photos have emerged of torture at the Abu Ghraib prison, including the one above of a naked man being tormented by military dogs and this one below, of a man beaten to death and packed in ice

Here are a collection of the most recent articles on the Abu Ghraid torture:

Mistreatment of Prisoners Is Called Routine in U.S.
Physical and sexual abuse of prisoners, similar to what has been uncovered in Iraq, takes place in American prisons with little public knowledge or concern, according to corrections officials, inmates and human rights advocates.

Naked terror: dogs set on inmates
"We don't have a photo showing the actual bite," he told an interviewer. "We have a photo of the dogs right at him and then a moment later he's on the ground and there's a large, gaping wound and a big pool of blood and it's not hard to draw the obvious inference."

More Iraqi Prisoner Abuse Revealed: Rape of Women & Young Boys

TV Cameras Banned From Iraq Court-Martial

Now the desperate damage control

Violent past of US Army's torturer
The US Army soldier featured in the torture pictures that shamed America has a track record of violence, it was claimed last night. Charles Graner once worked as a guard at a US prison where inmates were humiliated - and is also said to have launched terrifying assaults on his first wife.

Soldier ordered court-martialed only following orders

Government 'told of abuse last May'

Photos give further sign of violence at prison

Photos of Dead May Indicate Graver Abuse

Senators Fault Pentagon as New Photos Emerge

U.S. denies widespread abuse at prison in Iraq
Journalist: Report says military intelligence ordered torture

Here is an archive of recent Related Articles:

Arrest Rumsfeld and all the Sadistic Freaks in the Administration: More Photos, Videos in Iraq Abuse Scandal

Limbaugh on Torturing Iraqis: U.S Guards Were Just "Having a Good Time"

'US soldiers abused young girl at Iraqi prison'
The US military has said it will investigate claims by a former inmate of Abu Ghraib prison that a girl as young as 12 was stripped and beaten by military personnel.

More Photos, Videos in Iraq Abuse Scandal-Rumsfeld

London investigates new claims of troops abusing Iraqi prisoners

Rumsfeld heckled at hearing

Third Brit Solider Tells Us: I Saw POW Beatings

Rumsfeld 'deeply' sorry for Iraq abuse

New Horrific Photos of Iraqi Prisoner Abuse Emerge

Bush not apologizing for Iraqi prisoners abuse

Rape Rooms: A Chronology
What Bush said as the Iraq prison scandal unfolded.

The Invisible Men
Canadian inquiry may reveal CIA secrets on outsourcing torture


It's time for Rumsfeld to go

Damage Control On Abu Ghraib

U.S. Examines Role of C.I.A. and Employees in Iraq Deaths

U.S. soldiers detained an elderly Iraqi woman, placed a harness on her, made her crawl on all fours and rode her like a donkey

Her Parents are so proud: Family Backs Reservist in Iraq Prison Case

U.S. Disciplines 2 Guantanamo Bay Guards

U.S. Demands Retraction for Abuse Photos

Bush appoints a Terrorist as US Ambassador to Iraq

Lindh's defense alleges abuses
Attorneys for John Walker Lindh, said Tuesday that Lindh had been duct-taped naked to a stretcher, was showered with epithets by guards and suffered other harsh conditions at a Marine base in Afghanistan

CACI to Open Probe Of Workers in Iraq
Army Officials Interviewed Employees

New Iraqi Prisoner Torture Photos Emerge
Makes you proud to be an American, doesn't it? This sick thug probably can't wait to get back to the States where she can find new work as an out-of-control power-crazed police officer
May 6, 2004

More new disgusting images emerged today of Iraqi's being tortured by by members of the 800th Military Police Brigade at the Abu Ghraib Prison. The photos, posted by the Washington Post, have been cropped for publication. That is, the prisoners were naked in the photos.

Just as shocking as the torture in the images is the fact that this torture was clearly done out in the open, as evidenced in the photo above. How demonstrative of the sick and twisted mentality prevailing in the prison is it that people are just standing around, hanging out and talking while men are being tortured just feet away?
This prisoner is naked and cuffed to the jail cell door.
Another naked prisoner is cuffed and immobilized, with female underwear over his head.

Read an excerpt for the US Army report posted below where they admit a soldier raped a female prisoner (spun as "A male MP guard having sex with a female detainee" -- when you "have sex" with someone who is being forcibly detained, that's rape) and that detainees where sodomized with "a chemical light and perhaps a broom stick."

Also see these recent related articles:


Pentagon Examined Iraq Detention Centers long before photos emerged

Bremer 'knew of abuse in November'

Iraq prison abuse allegations continue

Soldiers' knuckles rapped in abuse case

Civilians ID'd in abuse may face no charges

Stripped and Beaten Unconscious: Iraqi cameraman recounts ordeal in US detention

Excerpt from the U.S. Army report on Iraqi prisoner abuse

The following is a brief excerpt from the U.S. Army report on Iraqi prisoner abuse detailing some of the torture inflicted on iraqi prisoners, including: "Threatening male detainees with rape," "Sodomizing a detainee with a chemical light and perhaps a broom stick," and "Pouring cold water on naked detainees..."

For the entire report, please click here

6.  (S) I find that the intentional abuse of detainees by military police personnel included the following acts: 

a.  (S) Punching, slapping, and kicking detainees; jumping on their naked feet;

b.  (S) Videotaping and photographing naked male and female detainees;

c.  (S) Forcibly arranging detainees in various sexually explicit positions for photographing;

d.  (S) Forcing detainees to remove their clothing and keeping them naked for several days at a time;

e.  (S) Forcing naked male detainees to wear women's underwear;

f.   (S) Forcing groups of male detainees to masturbate themselves while being photographed and videotaped;

g.  (S) Arranging naked male detainees in a pile and then jumping on them;

h.  (S) Positioning a naked detainee on a MRE Box, with a sandbag on his head, and attaching wires to his fingers, toes, and penis to simulate electric torture;

i.   (S) Writing “I am a Rapest”  (sic) on the leg of a detainee alleged to have forcibly raped a 15-year old fellow detainee, and then photographing him naked;

j.   (S) Placing a dog chain or strap around a naked detainee's neck and having a female Soldier pose for a picture;

k.  (S) A male MP guard having sex with a female detainee;

l.   (S) Using military working dogs (without muzzles) to intimidate and frighten detainees, and in at least one case biting and severely injuring a detainee;

m. (S) Taking photographs of dead Iraqi detainees.

(ANNEXES 25 and 26)

7. (U) These findings are amply supported by written confessions provided by several of the suspects, written statements provided by detainees, and witness statements.  In reaching my findings, I have carefully considered the pre-existing statements of the following witnesses and suspects (ANNEX 26)

a.    (U) SPC Jeremy Sivits, 372nd MP Company - Suspect

b.    (U) SPC Sabrina Harman, 372nd MP Company – Suspect

c.    (U) SGT Javal S. Davis, 372nd MP Company - Suspect

c.    (U) PFC Lynndie R. England, 372nd MP Company - Suspect

d.    (U) Adel Nakhla, Civilian Translator, Titan Corp., Assigned to the 205th MI Brigade- Suspect

(Names deleted)

8.  (U) In addition, several detainees also described the following acts of abuse, which under the circumstances, I find credible based on the clarity of their statements and supporting evidence provided by other witnesses (ANNEX 26) :

a.  (U) Breaking chemical lights and pouring the phosphoric liquid on detainees;

b.  (U) Threatening detainees with a charged 9mm pistol;

c.  (U) Pouring cold water on naked detainees;

d.  (U) Beating detainees with a broom handle and a chair;

e.  (U) Threatening male detainees with rape;

f.   (U) Allowing a military police guard to stitch the wound of a detainee who was injured after being slammed against the wall in his cell;

g.  (U) Sodomizing a detainee with a chemical light and perhaps a broom stick.

h.  (U) Using military working dogs to frighten and intimidate detainees with threats of attack, and in one instance actually biting a detainee.

9.  (U) I have carefully considered the statements provided by the following detainees, which under the circumstances I find credible based on the clarity of their statements and supporting evidence provided by other witnesses:

a.  (U) Amjed Isail Waleed, Detainee # 151365

b.  (U) Hiadar Saber Abed Miktub-Aboodi, Detainee # 13077

c.  (U) Huessin Mohssein Al-Zayiadi, Detainee # 19446

d.  (U) Kasim Mehaddi Hilas, Detainee # 151108

e.  (U) Mohanded Juma Juma (sic), Detainee # 152307

f.   (U) Mustafa Jassim Mustafa, Detainee # 150542

g.  (U) Shalan Said Alsharoni, Detainee, # 150422

h.  (U) Abd Alwhab Youss, Detainee # 150425

i.   (U) Asad Hamza Hanfosh, Detainee # 152529

j.   (U) Nori Samir Gunbar Al-Yasseri, Detainee # 7787

k.  (U) Thaar Salman Dawod, Detainee # 150427

l.   (U) Ameen Sa'eed Al-Sheikh, Detainee # 151362

m. (U) Abdou Hussain Saad Faleh, Detainee # 18470  (ANNEX 26)

10.  (U) I find that contrary to the provision of AR 190-8, and the findings found in MG Ryder's Report, Military Intelligence (MI) interrogators and Other US Government Agency's (OGA) interrogators actively requested that MP guards set physical and mental conditions for favorable interrogation of witnesses.  Contrary to the findings of MG Ryder's Report, I find that personnel assigned to the 372nd MP Company, 800th MP Brigade were directed to change facility procedures to “set the conditions” for MI interrogations.  I find no direct evidence that MP personnel actually participated in those MI interrogations.  (ANNEXES 19, 21, 25, and 26) .

11.  (U) I reach this finding based on the actual proven abuse that I find was inflicted on detainees and by the following witness statements.  (ANNEXES 25 and 26)

     a (U) SPC Sabrina Harman , 372nd MP Company, stated in her sworn statement regarding the incident where a detainee was placed on a box with wires attached to his fingers, toes, and penis, “that her job was to keep detainees awake.”  She stated that MI was talking to CPL Grainer.  She stated: “MI wanted to get them to talk.  It is Grainer and Frederick's job to do things for MI and OGA to get these people to talk.”

     b.  (U) SGT Javal S. Davis , 372nd MP Company, stated in his sworn statement as follows: “ I witnessed prisoners in the MI hold section, wing 1A being made to do various things that I would question morally.  In Wing 1A we were told that they had different rules and different SOP for treatment.  I never saw a set of rules or SOP for that section just word of mouth.  The Soldier in charge of 1A was Corporal Granier.  He stated that the Agents and MI Soldiers would ask him to do things, but nothing was ever in writing he would complain (sic). ” When asked why the rules in 1A/1B were different than the rest of the wings, SGT Davis stated: “The rest of the wings are regular prisoners and 1A/B are Military Intelligence (MI) holds.” When asked why he did not inform his chain of command about this abuse, SGT Davis stated: “ Because I assumed that if they were doing things out of the ordinary or outside the guidelines, someone would have said something.  Also the wing belongs to MI and it appeared MI personnel approved of the abuse.” SGT Davis also stated that he had heard MI insinuate to the guards to abuse the inmates.  When asked what MI said he stated:  “Loosen this guy up for us.”  Make sure he has a bad night.”  “Make sure he gets the treatment.”   He claimed these comments were made to CPL Granier and SSG Frederick.  Finally, SGT Davis stated that (sic): “ the MI staffs to my understanding have been giving Granier compliments on the way he has been handling the MI holds.  Example being statements like, “Good job, they're breaking down real fast. They answer every question.  They're giving out good information, Finally, and Keep up the good work .  Stuff like that.” 

     c.  (U) SPC Jason Kennel , 372nd MP Company, was asked if he were present when any detainees were abused.  He stated: “I saw them nude, but MI would tell us to take away their mattresses, sheets, and clothes.”  He could not recall who in MI had instructed him to do this, but commented that, “if they wanted me to do that they needed to give me paperwork.”  He was later informed that “we could not do anything to embarrass the prisoners.” 

     d.  (U) Mr. Adel L. Nakhla , a US civilian contract translator was questioned about several detainees accused of rape.  He observed (sic):  “They (detainees) were all naked, a bunch of people from MI, the MP were there that night and the inmates were ordered by SGT Granier and SGT Frederick ordered the guys while questioning them to admit what they did.  They made them do strange exercises by sliding on their stomach, jump up and down, throw water on them and made them some wet, called them all kinds of names such as “gays” do they like to make love to guys, then they handcuffed their hands together and their legs with shackles and started to stack them on top of each other by insuring that the bottom guys penis will touch the guy on tops butt.”    

     e.  (U) SPC Neil A Wallin, 109th Area Support Medical Battalion , a medic testified that:  “Cell 1A was used to house high priority detainees and cell 1B was used to house the high risk or trouble making detainees.  During my tour at the prison I observed that when the male detainees were first brought to the facility, some of them were made to wear female underwear, which I think was to somehow break them down.”    

12 (U) I find that prior to its deployment to Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom, the 320th MP Battalion and the 372nd MP Company had received no training in detention/internee operations.   I also find that very little instruction or training was provided to MP personnel on the applicable rules of the Geneva Convention Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War, FM 27-10, AR 190-8, or FM 3-19.40.  Moreover, I find that few, if any, copies of the Geneva Conventions were ever made available to MP personnel or detainees. (ANNEXES 21-24, 33, and multiple witness statements)

13. (U) Another obvious example of the Brigade Leadership not communicating with its Soldiers or ensuring their tactical proficiency concerns the incident of detainee abuse that occurred at Camp Bucca, Iraq, on May 12, 2003.  Soldiers from the 223rd MP Company reported to the 800th MP Brigade Command at Camp Bucca, that four Military Police Soldiers from the 320th MP Battalion had abused a number of detainees during inprocessing at Camp Bucca.  An extensive CID investigation determined that four soldiers from the 320th MP Battalion had kicked and beaten these detainees following a transport mission from Talil Air Base.  (ANNEXES 34 and 35)

14.  (U) Formal charges under the UCMJ were preferred against these Soldiers and an Article-32 Investigation conducted by LTC Gentry.  He recommended a general court martial for the four accused, which BG Karpinski supported.  Despite this documented abuse, there is no evidence that BG Karpinski ever attempted to remind 800th MP Soldiers of the requirements of the Geneva Conventions regarding detainee treatment or took any steps to ensure that such abuse was not repeated.  Nor is there any evidence that LTC(P) Phillabaum, the commander of the Soldiers involved in the Camp Bucca abuse incident, took any initiative to ensure his Soldiers were properly trained regarding detainee treatment.  (ANNEXES 35 and 62)


Staged Hegelian Bad Cop Torture Scandals Update

Aftermath News Service
Special Report  - May 3, 2004
Paul Walker

"We should cease to talk about vague and unreal objectives such as human rights, the raising of living standards, and democratization. The day is not far off when we will have to deal with straight power concepts. The less we are hampered with idealistic slogans, the better. The final answer might be an unpleasant one, but we should not hesitate before police repression by the local government. This is not shameful. It is better to have a strong regime in power than a liberal government if it is indulgent and relaxed." - George Kennan, U.S. State

Department "The men of the New [World Order] Republic will not be squeamish either in facing or inflicting death. They will have ideals that will make killing worthwhile. They will hold that a certain portion of the population exists only on sufferance out of pity and patience, and on the understanding that they do not propagate; and I do not forsee any reason to suppose that they will hesitate to kill when that sufferance is abused" - H. G. Wells, 1924, 'The Works of H. G. Wells', London: T. F. Union and Co., vol. 4, pp. 258-259

"We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order." - David Rockefeller.

Do not misunderstand. The humiliations, abuse, torture, rape and much worse to be exposed are all too real and all too horrible to contemplate. What is staged about it is that soldiers have been deliberately ordered to carry out these atrocities, that the rules of war have been purposefully suspended, that soldiers have not been given training in the Geneva Convention deliberately and then these abuses have been so well-documented, even in many cases by the perpetrators themselves, only to feed it all into the media machine for the purpose of psychological operations. "60 Minutes" is part of that controlled monopoly propaganda arm of the corporatist State and when they "exposed" something on this scale, it was because they had ulterior motives for doing so. Those motives become clearer as we watch it all unfold.

These psychological operations are directed first at the Arab world spurring them into full-scale Jihad, fomenting WWIII for the "Clash of Civilizations" agenda, to plunge America far deeper into intractable war and to justify the draft.

Then these deliberate operations have been directed at the "International Community" (shall we say the "IU" for short?) in order to A) totally destroy what is left of America's reputation and B) to provide another pretext for "Internationalizing Iraq" by setting forth another UN resolution which will then lead to a massive expansion of UN activities in Iraq including the sending in of the blue-helmeted peacekeepers from all parts of the world including probably China and Russia. Thus the UN is further legitimized and viewed by the ignorant as our guiding light out of the darkness.

The so-called "handover" on June 30th will be nothing more than a preplanned transfer of power to the UN (as I have been saying in almost every edition of Aftermath News since day one) and to other tyrants from both the West and, reminiscent of Operation Paperclip, to make selected Saddam-era Baath Party hencemen beneficiaries of "Re-Baathification" by returning them to tyrannical power over their "liberated" bretheren.

This is also designed to fill many Americans with such disgust for their own country that they would begin to call for UN intervention in their own government. Problem-Reaction-Solution, over and over and over again and again.

Now, observe what is really happening!
Observe the UN poised to send in the blue-helmeted "saviors

Military Intel & CIA Ordered Abuses At Abu Gharib Prison
Sodomizing female prisoners, documented on camera, is not to "extract information". It was ordered and condoned by the intelligence agencies, not only to defile and humiliate the prisoners--and defile the soldiers themselves--but engineered to severely tarnish the reputation of America (even more than it already was) with the help of 60 Minutes, the general media and all involved in now suddenly exposing it.

‘CIA agents ordered Iraq abuses'

An Army Reserve general whose soldiers were photographed as they abused Iraqi prisoners said Saturday that she knew nothing about the abuse until weeks after it occurred and that she was “sickened” by the pictures. She said the prison cellblock where the abuse occurred was under the tight control of Army military intelligence officers who may have encouraged the abuse. The suggestion by Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinski that the reservists acted at the behest of military intelligence officers appears largely supported in a still-classified Army report on prison conditions in Iraq that documented many of the worst abuses at the Abu Ghraib prison, west of Baghdad, including the sexual humiliation of prisoners. The New Yorker magazine said in its new edition that the report by Maj. Gen. Antonio Taguba found that reservist military police at the prison were urged by Army military officers and CIA agents to “s! et physical and mental conditions for favorable interrogation of witnesses.”

Military intelligence blamed for abuse of Iraqi detainees
A top Pentagon intelligence officer is leading an investigation into interrogation practices at an Army-run prison where Iraqi detainees were allegedly beaten and sexually abused, officials announced. The move to appoint Major-General George Fay, the former deputy commander of the Army Intelligence and Security Command, came amid allegations that military guards abused prisoners at the behest of military intelligence operatives. A soldier accused of abusing prisoners at the Abu Ghraib facility told his family that military intelligence officers encouraged the mistreatment.

US general suggests military intelligence had role in abuses
A US Army Reserve general whose soldiers were photographed abusing Iraqi prisoners said Saturday the prison cellblock involved was under the tight control of military intelligence, which may have encouraged the abuse, according to the New York Times.

U.S. contractors interrogated Iraqi prisoners
U.S. security contractors have been employed to interrogate Iraqi prisoners, according to an attorney for a U.S. soldier under investigation. The private contractors were used to interrogate Iraqi detainees in the Abu Ghaib prison north of Baghdad. The attorney for a U.S. soldier accused of abusing Iraqi prisoners said CACI International, based in Arlington, Va., and Titan Corp. of San Diege, provided interrogators and translators for interrogations at Abu Ghaib.

Abuse may have been 'order'
Abuse of Iraqi prisoners that sparked worldwide condemnation may have been ordered by US military intelligence to extract information from the captives, and was possibly more cruel than officially acknowledged, The New Yorker magazine and Britain's daily Guardian reported on Saturday. Seymour Hersh, investigative reporter for The New Yorker, said that Staff Sergeant Ivan Frederick, one of six US military policemen accused of humiliating Iraqi prisoners at the Abu Gharib prison outside Baghdad, wrote home in January that he had "questioned some of the things" he saw inside the prison, but that "the answer I got was, 'This is how military intelligence wants it done'."

CIA behind Iraqi prisoner abuse
A US Army Reserve general whose soldiers were photographed abusing Iraqi prisoners has said the prison cellblock involved was under the tight control of military intelligence, which may have encouraged the abuse. Brigadier General Janis Karpinski told The New York Times in a telephone interview that the special high-security cellblock at the Abu Ghraib prison outside Baghdad had been under the direct control of army intelligence officers, not the reservists under her command.

The Truth About Abu Ghraib
Comments from Abuzaid in Iraq, Bush, and the Pentagon, all express disgust over the abuse (I'd call it torture) of prisoners being held at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. We are told it is "under investigation." Actually, it has been "under investigation" since January. The US public is being led to believe that this is an isolated incident by some rogue US soldiers. The story emerging paints a very different picture. Virtually missing from all US reports is that the CIA, military intelligence, and private contractors were hired at the prison to direct "interrogation," and that US soldiers most likely were following their orders in torturing the prisoners.

US officer says prison guards tried to cover up abuse of Iraqi prisoners
US prison guards and interrogators attempted to cover up the systematic abuse of Iraqi inmates from the international Red Cross according to a US general dismissed after evidence surfaced of torture at a jail near Baghdad. The claims add weight to a growing body of evidence that the reports of torture at Abu Ghraib prison reflect a pattern of abuse which goes far beyond the six guards now facing possible court martial.

Torture commonplace, say inmates' families
Luke Harding at Abu Ghraib prison, near Baghdad, where stories of US guards routinely abusing prisoners come as no surprise to Iraqis
For the families standing in the dusty car park of Abu Ghraib prison yesterday, the revelations of torture and abuse came as no surprise. Every morning, relatives of Iraqi detainees inside the US prison, just west of Baghdad, gather in the hope that their loved ones might be released. They rarely are. The photos of US soldiers abusing and humiliating Iraqi detainees may have provoked outrage across the world. But for Hiyam Abbas they merely confirmed what she already knew - that US guards had tortured her 22-year-old son Hassan.

Humiliation In An Iraqi Jail
Outrage mounts over mistreatment of prisoners

Abu Ghraib Prison is, even by Iraq's perversely high standards, a place with a barbarous history. During Saddam Hussein's cruel regime, torture, humiliation and random murder were standard fare within its walls. That was all supposed to have changed when coalition forces took over last year and began filling the jail with captives from the motley Iraqi resistance. But it seems that echoes of those unsavory traditions have persisted.

US army probe shows long-term GI abuse in Iraq jails: report

The US military knew troops had abused Iraqi prisoners for months before graphic, humiliating photographs surfaced last week, a journalist who read a US army report says. "There were three investigations, each by a major general of the army," Seymour Hersh told CNN's "Late Edition." "Clearly somebody at a higher level understood there were generic problems." Hersh published his article in The New Yorker, based on an army investigation by Major General Antonio Taguba, which was not intended for public release. "Specifically, Taguba found that between October and December of 2003 there were numerous instances of 'sadistic, blatant and wanton criminal abuses' at Abu Ghraib," a US-run prison in Baghdad. Hersh said the abuses went far beyond those portrayed in the widely broadcast photographs of sexual abuse, nudity and humiliation that have angered the Arab world. They were! first shown on CBS television's "60 Minutes II."

Top U.S. Officer Can't Rule Out Pattern of Prison Abuse

The top U.S. military officer declined on Sunday to rule out the possibility that U.S. forces might be guilty of a pattern of abuse of prisoners in Iraq and elsewhere. Gen. Richard Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said he had not yet read an Army report said to document "sadistic, blatant and wanton criminal abuses" of Iraqi prisoners, including beatings and sodomy. Asked how he could be sure that any such abuses were not "systemic," Myers said on the CBS program "Face the Nation," "I'm not sure of it."

30 More Torture Scandals Probed

THIRTY cases of torture and murder by British and American troops against Iraqi POWs are being investigated by defence chiefs. The probe will examine photos of members of the Queen's Lancashire Regiment, who appear to be urinating on a terrified Iraq captive. The dossier of terror includes : Claims that POWs were thrown to their deaths from a bridge. A videotape of the killings is said to have been destroyed.

The Nightmare at Abu Ghraib
Terrorists like Osama bin Laden have always intended to use their violence to prod the United States and its allies into demonstrating that their worst anti-American propaganda was true. Abu Ghraib was an enormous victory for them, and it is unlikely that any response by the Bush administration will wipe its stain from the minds of Arabs. The invasion of Iraq, which has already begun to seem like a bad dream in so many ways, cannot get much more nightmarish than this.

Iraq prisoner abuse pictures genuine: British paper
The London newspaper which published pictures apparently showing British troops abusing an Iraqi detainee denied suggestions that they are fakes. Doubts arose Sunday over the authenticity of the shocking photos, after military sources quoted by the BBC said many aspects of the pictures were suspicious. The British military has launched an investigation into photographs published Saturday in Britain's mass-circulation Daily Mirror newspaper appearing to show troops beating and urinating on a hooded Iraqi prisoner in a camp near Basra in British-controlled southern Iraq. The Daily Mirror, an opponent of the Iraq war, said that the prisoner, aged 18-20, was savagely beaten before being thrown from a moving truck.

I was left bloody and bruised. Now we've become the torturers
In the 1991 Gulf war John Nichol, an RAF navigator, was shot down over Iraq, beaten up and paraded on TV. He gives his reaction to the images of allied brutality
They are the images I thought I would never have to see again, sickening pictures of Iraqi prisoners, naked, tortured and humiliated. Surely liberation from Saddam Hussein's brutal, evil regime had seen an end to all of that? Yet here they are, photographs of American soldiers abusing prisoners in Iraq's notorious Abu Ghraib's dungeon and of British servicemen brutalising captives in Basra.

Iraq prisoners faced "sadistic" abuses
Iraqi prisoners have faced numerous "sadistic, blatant and wanton criminal abuses" by U.S. soldiers, including sodomy and beatings, according to a U.S. Army report quoted by the New Yorker magazine.

Arab League: Iraqi Prison Photos 'Beyond Disgust'
The Arab League said on Saturday photos showing U.S. soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners were "beyond disgust" and that such acts might have been expected from Saddam Hussein, but not those claiming to bring freedom. Hossam Zaki, spokesman for the Cairo-based body, said the League had complained of abuses by U.S.-led forces after a mission to Iraq in December. The League feared more cases of ill-treatment were going unnoticed, he said. The CBS News program "60 Minutes II" on Wednesday aired photos taken at the Abu Ghraib prison last year showing U.S. troops abusing Iraqis held at what was once a notorious center of torture and executions under ousted President Saddam Hussein. "It is beyond the words of despicable acts and disgust that we feel at watching such photographs," Zaki told Reuters.


It has now come out that the London Mirror photos (show below) are a hoax. Of course, this is all part of an intricate psyops to confuse and upset the world audience. If these horrible photos are a hoax what else might be? People will become desensitized and less effected by the truth as it emerges.

New Horrific Photos Emerge of British Troops Abusing Prisoners

London Mirror
May 1 2004

A HOODED Iraqi captive is beaten by British soldiers before being thrown from a moving truck and left to die.

The prisoner, aged 18-20, begged for mercy as he was battered with rifle butts and batons in the head and groin, was kicked, stamped and urinated on, and had a gun barrel forced into his mouth.

After an EIGHT-HOUR ordeal, he was left barely conscious and close to death. Bleeding and vomiting and with a broken jaw and missing teeth, he was driven from a Basra camp and hurled off the truck. No one knows if he lived or died.

URINATED ON: A British soldier urinates on an Iraqi prisoner in a vile display of abuse. The captive was beaten and hurled from a moving truck. Army chiefs are investigating.

The shocking pictures on this page were handed to us by one of the attackers and a colleague. We have agreed to protect their identities as they fear reprisals.

Last night, their damning testimony was in the hands of appalled ministers and Army chiefs who pledged an urgent investigation.

Chief of the General Staff General Sir Michael Jackson said: "If this is proven, the perpetrators are not fit to wear the Queen's uniform. They have besmirched the good name of the Army and its honour."

No 10 said: "The Prime Minister fully endorses the general's statement."

The outrage, which emerged the day after US troops were pictured torturing Iraqi prisoners of war, makes a mockery of the Army's attempts to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people.

GUN TO HEAD: The terrified suspect cowers as a gun is placed at his head - then the rifle barrel was forced into his mouth

Army chiefs believe it was an isolated incident involving a few rogue troops. But, it is claimed, officers turned a blind eye. One of the soldiers said: "Basically this guy was dying as he couldn't take any more. An officer came down. It was 'Get rid of him - I haven't seen him'. The paperwork gets ripped. So they threw him out, still with a bag on his head."

Weeks after the pictures were taken, a captive was allegedly beaten to death in custody by men from the same Queen's Lancashire Regiment. It is also alleged a video was found of prisoners being thrown off a bridge.

Soldier A told how the young victim was hauled in suspected of stealing from the docks.

He said: "You pick on a man and go for him. Straightaway he gets a beating, a couple of punches and kicks to put him down. Then he was dragged to the back of the vehicle."

Immediately a sandbag was placed over the man's head and his hands tied behind his back.

Soldier A said:

As we took him back he was getting a beating. He was hit with batons on the knees, fingers, toes, elbows, and head.

You normally try to leave off the face until you're in camp. If you pull up with black eyes and bleeding faces you could be in s**t.

"So it's body shots - scaring him, saying 'We're going to kill you'. A lot of them cry and p*** themselves.

Because it was so hot we put him in the back of a four- tonner truck which has a canopy over it. That's where the photos were taken. Lads were taking turns giving him a right going over, smashing him in the face with weapons and stamping on him. We had him for about eight hours.

BLEEDING: Blood seeps through the mask of battered suspect

You could see blood coming out early from the first 'digs'. He was p****d on and there was spew.

"We took his mask off to give him some water and let him have a rest for 10 minutes. He could only speak a few words, pleading 'No, mister' . No, mister'.

I did less than the others. But I joined in. Me and my mate calmed down. Then two lads come on and it starts again.

"He was missing teeth. All his mouth was bleeding and his nose was all over the place. He couldn't talk, his jaw was out. He's had a good few hours of a kicking. He was on his way to being killed. There's only so much you can take.

After the officer allegedly told the attackers to get rid of the suspect he was driven off.

Soldier A said: "The lads said they took him back to the dock and threw him off the back of a moving vehicle. They'd have freed his hands, but he'd still be hooded. He'd done nothing, really. I felt sorry for him. I'm not emotional about it, but I knew it was wrong."

Referring to the second alleged beating in custody - said to have taken place in September - Soldier B said: "It was only a matter of time.

BUTT IN GROIN: A rifle is cruelly jabbed in the young man's groin as his eight-hour nightmare goes on

"We had one who fought back. I thought 'Don't do that', it's the worst thing you can do. He got such a kicking. You could hear your mate's boots hitting this lad's spine.

"One of the lads broke his wrist on a prisoner's head. Another nearly broke his foot, kicking him. We're not helping ourselves out here. We're never going to get the Iraqis on our side. We're fighting a losing war."

Soldier B claimed after the alleged September beating troops were told to destroy incriminating evidence.

He said: "We got a warning, saying the Military Police had found a video of people throwing prisoners off a bridge. It wasn't 'Don't do it' or 'Stop it'. It was 'Get rid of it.' "

The death is being probed. At least one soldier is expected to be charged with manslaughter.

The two infantrymen claim abuse has started because Iraqi police are powerless to process suspects.

Soldier B said: "There's no point taking them to the police station because they're released within 20 minutes. The coppers don't want any comeback and let them go. All we do is teach them a lesson our way.

"You're knackered and you don't want to be going to a police station and doing statements, just for them to be released. Give them a kicking, then it's done and dusted.

"A lot of the younger ones are worse. It's as though they've something to prove. You've got a gun and you're the law. You can make people do whatever you want."

Both men fear the situation is worsening , with UK troops now seen as the enemy, rather than liberators.

One said: "I can't believe it has taken the Iraqis so long to fight back. If it had been me or my family, I'd have retaliated straightaway.

"They've just got f****d around so much. You can't go in now, and say 'Right, let's forget about what has happened and start again'.

"We're struggling now. There are too many people against us."

The MoD confirmed eight cases of alleged mistreatment of Iraqis by British personnel are being investigated by the army's Special Investigations Branch. A spokesman said: "All allegations will be investigated - and every soldier knows it."


Prisoner on box with wires attatched to his hands  

London Mirror
Apr 30 2004

Video footage of US soldiers torturing Iraqi prisoners of war horrified America yesterday.

The TV stills showed a hooded captive standing on a box with wires attached to his hands, and naked prisoners stacked in a human pyramid while jeering troopers look on laughing.

Six soldiers now face court martial and jail. One allegedly boasted that the captives "broke within hours". Seven others, including a general, are suspended from duty and may be disciplined.


Soldiers grin behind the pyramid of captives

Other captives were forced to pose in humiliating positions, some of them simulating sex acts, as soldiers gave the thumbs up.

Army Reserve Staff Sergeant Chip, who is accused of striking detainees and ordering them to beat each other, was seen sitting on a prisoner.

He allegedly boasted in an email to his family: "We had a very high rate with our styles of getting them to talk. They ended up breaking within hours."

Yesterday Frederick said he would deny abuse, claiming he was not shown Geneva Convention rules on how to treat captives.


Iraqi PoWs are forced to parade before their jeering captors


"I kept asking my chain of command for things like rules and regulations. It just wasn't happening." The soldiers, from the 800th Military Police Brigade, were arrested after the video images were sent to a friend who handed them to authorities.

The friend told investigators: "There are some things going on at Abu Ghraib that I can't live with."

Brig Gen Kimmitt said: "These pictures may reflect the actions of individuals. But, by God, it doesn't reflect my army.

"If we can't hold ourselves up as an example of how to treat people with dignity and respect, we can't ask that other nations do that to our soldiers."

Former Marine Lieutenant Colonel Bill Cowan warned: "We'll be paid back for this after these people are let out."

Woman soldier points at genitals of hooded and naked Iraqis

The charges faced by the six soldiers include dereliction of duty, cruelty, maltreatment, assault and indecent acts with another person.

Among the officers under investigation is 800th Brigade's commander, Brigadier General Janice Karpinski.

CBS broadcast the pictures on its show 60 Minutes early yesterday. Last night they were shown on the BBC 6 O'Clock News.



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