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Twas the night before Baghdad

written by Cynthia Anderson, mother of a soldier

> Twas the night before Baghdad
> And all through the base
> Not a heartbeat was silent
> Not a smile on one face
> The soldiers at attention
> Fists raised in the air
> Saddam is a monster!
> We must all go there!
> So we loaded our planes
> With our guns and our tanks
> And we sent all the soldiers
> To Kuwaits outer banks
>>From Kuwait, from Turkey
>>From Saudi and more
> With battering rams
> We knocked on his door
> The Fedayin heard
> All the military clatter
> And ran to Saddam
> To ask what was the matter
> Don't worry he said
> With a heartening ring
> They financed my reign
> They won't do this thing
> We bombed all the buildings
> Til the fires were glowing
> While Baby Bush yelled
> Keep the oil pipes flowing!
> He should be a magician
> Our Baby Bush, cuz you see
> He created the biggest illusion
> The WMD's
> He lied to us all
> About terror and pain
> When all that he's after
> Is monetary gain
> For Daddy, and Barbara
> And Baby Bush too
> There is no such thing
> As too much oil revenue
> Some people believe
> That it's for our own good
> To bomb and to kill
> To shed innocent blood
> They sleep in their beds
> Oblivious to lies
> While we who have wakened
> Hear bloodcurdling cries
> Cries of our fathers,
> Our brothers and sons
> Sent to fight in a war
> That cannot be won
> We liberated them!
> Our Baby Bush chimes
> That is why they attack us
> Time after time
> With Christmas upon us
> He steps up his work
> Of camp! aigning again
> The self serving jerk!
> He'll don his flight suit
> He'll have all his fun
> Wishing “Merry Christmas! Keep fighting!”
> And to all....Duck and Run!

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