John Kerry related to the Queen
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John Kerry related to the Queen


Presidential hopeful John Kerry is a distant cousin of the Queen.

His is also a descendant of Henry III and Henry II and is related to Richard the Lionheart say aristocracy experts.

According to the Mirror director of Burke's Peerage Harold Brooks-Baker unearthed Kerry's royal ancestry during months of research.

He is convinced that the blue blood will help Kerry get into the White House.

Mr Brooks-Baker said: "Every maternal blood line of Kerry makes him more royal than any previous US president.

"Because of the fact every candidate with the most royal genes has always won the November election, the coming one - based on 42 previous presidents - will go to John Kerry."

Blue Blood Counts

NY Post/August 17, 2004

August 17, 2004 -- LONDON When it comes to American presidential elections, blue blood counts, say researchers who predict Democrat John Kerry will oust President Bush.

Burke's Peerage, experts on British aristocracy, reported yesterday that the Massachusetts senator is related to all the royal houses of Europe and can claim kinship with Russian Czar Ivan "The Terrible," an emperor of Byzantium and the shahs of Persia.

"The coming election . . . will go to John Kerry," said Burke's director, Harold Brooks-Baker.


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