Kennedy to back law for Schwarzenegger
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Kennedy to back law for Schwarzenegger

Deccan Herald | March 23, 2004

Veteran Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy has said he would support a constitutional amendment that would enable his niece's foreign-born husband, California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, to potentially run for President, reports AFP from Washington.

Kennedy's niece, former journalist and Kennedy heiress Maria Shriver, is married to one of America's most famous foreign-born citizens.Schwarzenegger, the former Hollywood strong man and star of the “Terminator” action films won election as California governor in November.

Schwarzenegger is currently barred from running for the highest political office in the land because foreign-born citizens are not permitted to run for President. However, Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah has introduced legislation seeking to change the US Constitution so that any person who has been a US citizen for 20 years could run for the White House. The Austrian-born actor-turned-politico became a US citizen in 1983. Asked on NBC's Meet the Press yesterday if he would support Hatch's legislation, Kennedy replied, “I would.”

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911:  The Road to Tyranny