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Indoctrinating the youth through multimedia

Listener Email -- Simon in San Antonio Wrote:

I was with a friend of mine at an electronics store a few days ago when we came upon a game called New World Order with two guys with guns on the front.  Immediately we though this might be of interest to you and when we read the description of the game on the back we were sure of it. 

You play as a member of the Global Assault Team (GAT) and go after terrorists all over the world using any means necessary.  Surprisingly enough this isn't even government sponsored that I'm aware of but its still amazing that something like this has been put out.

As advertisement it is billed thusly: " You are a rookie member of the Global Assault Team with only one mission: show terrorists it is time to set a New World Order and restore freedom." 

Check it out for yourself here

Luckily from what I've read the game is absolutely terrible so I doubt it will be very popular but for whatever reason it was on the 'top ten' rack at the store.

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911:  The Road to Tyranny