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Notes and Photos from Alex's Trip to NY

sept 6, 2004

Alex Jones -- "I've Never Seen the Police State This Bad. This So-Called National Security Event Was, in Truth, Textbook Martial Law. My crew and I, despite having official NYC Press credentials, were threatened with arrest at least three times a day, had a still camera smashed by police, were detained twice, had photos taken of us by police and were told that we had no right to film in the City.

None of this has anything to do with terrorism or security. It's about setting the precedent that we have no First Amendment.

On our last day in New York, New York One, a 24-hour news TV Station, reported on a memo that they had obtained from the NYPD instructing the police to harass independent media and to coddle mainstream media."

Photos from Alex's New York trip -- click on the thumbnails to enlarge. All photos by Alex Jones unless otherwise indicated. All of these images and much, much more will soon be available in Alex's upcoming film: Martial Law.

NYPD cop thug
NYPD Guarding the Bush Crime Scene in NYC
Feel the love
One of the 41,000 Police in New York for the convention -- click here or on the photo to enlarge Guarding the Bush Crime Scene (Ground Zero) in NYC -- click here or on the photo to enlarge Feel the love -- click here or on the photo to enlarge
NYPD's illegal photographer
NYPD Photographer
Building 7 Being Rebuilt in NYC
Even Though it is Illegal for the NYPD to photograph and spy on activists (read article) they do. Here you see a plain clothed police officer dressed in khaki acting as if nothing is going on -- click here or on the photo to enlarge Here's the same plain clothed police officer Alex caught taking photos. We caught it on video (coming soon) when Alex asked him why he was taking photos -- and he responds by shoving Alex. click here or on the photo to enlarge Building 7 being rebuilt in NYC. The site of the original building 7 is at least 200 yards further away from where Tower 1 and 2 collapsed than other buildings, like the Millennium Hilton that was right across the street. Click here or on the photo to enlarge
Buildings intact in NYC
Surveillance Blimp
Protesters in New York
The tall black building in this photo is the Millennium Hilton, which had limited damage. Click here or on the photo to enlarge. But, if the building was owned by Silverstein properties would it have miraculously collapsed?(Click Here for Full Story) The skies were filled with surveillance helicopters as well as the Fuji Blimp, that was being rented by the NYPD. We could always tell where the protests and arrests were taking place because as many as 4 helicopters and a blimp would be circling overhead. Click here or on the photo to enlarge
(Photo by Ted O'Brien)
Alex witnessed protests that were 10 blocks long and covering up to six streets simultaneously. The controlled media ran headlines of "Thousands Protest." New York media reported that at least 300,000 protested on one day alone. Click here or on the photo to enlarge


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911:  The Road to Tyranny