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British bobbies get boots with built in microchips!

WebIndia/August 23, 2004

British bobbies are all set to wear jackboots with built in microchips as part a drive to make policing the British capital safer.

According to The Mirror, the British Home Office plans to use the microchip boots not only to locate cops on the beat, but also to reach them in an emergency.

This whole move is part of the police's five-year strategy to keep beat officers in touch with their bases.

Emphasising the need for modern technology, Home Office brass said that though the dangers of misuse could not be ruled out, it was still necessary.

"We must ensure that the police have access to sophisticated technology they need to stay one step ahead. I want to ensure the police service is equipped with the best tools and techniques available to enable them to work with maximum effectiveness and efficiency. New communications and information systems mean that officers can spend more time on the streets with local people and less time tied up in the station with paperwork," the paper quoted Home Office Minister Caroline Flint as saying.(ANI)

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