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criticizing homosexuals in any way is a thought crime in the uK. Yesterday the London Independent Reported:

"A bishop who called on homosexuals to seek medical help to change their sexuality is to be interviewed by police.

The Rt Rev Peter Forster, Bishop of Chester, will be questioned by Cheshire Constabulary after the force received a complaint about his comments in a local newspaper last week.

The Anglican bishop, who opposed both the consecration of the openly gay Gene Robinson as Bishop of New Hampshire in the US and the proposed appointment of Canon Jeffrey John, a celibate homosexual, as Bishop of Reading, said he would encourage gay people to try "reorientation".

He said: "Some people who are primarily homosexual can reorientate themselves." He added: "I would not set myself up as a medical specialist on the subject - that's in the area of psychiatric health."

Cheshire police confirmed yesterday that they planned to speak to the bishop."

(original article at: reported last year on UK Reporter Robin Page, who was questioned by police for giving a speech that included in which he said supporters of the traditional country way of life should be given the same rights as blacks, Muslims and gays.

(see bBC Article, Columnist arrested over 'race' speech)

Alex interviewed Robin Page last Year -- In this Audio Clip, Alex is joined by Robin Page, former BBC presenter and current London Telegraph columnist - Page was arrested as a thought criminal for daring to suggest that farmers should have the same rights as homosexuals and Muslims (17 minutes)

We're beginning to see a definite pattern here...

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911:  The Road to Tyranny