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  Soylent Green....Milk and coffee produced from.....blood?!

Pravda/July 12, 2004

Scientists from the Russian city of Voronezh managed to produce milk and coffee from.blood.

Scientists from a technological academy located in the Russian city of Voronezh developed a revolutionary technique of producing an entire array of food products such as milk, yogurt, chocolate and coffee from blood, reported the academy's administration to "Interfax".

According to the scientists, a local meat-packing factory looses nearly 7 tons of blood daily. The newly developed technology allows the researchers to use this blood.

"Some food products made of blood, which taste like the real thing, have already been manufactured. All of such products made of blood contain unique proteins that are digested twice as fast as egg proteins," notes the academy.

In the meantime, all food products that have been manufactured by means of the new technology were sent to Moscow for further examination.

Read the original in Russian: http://news.pravda.ru/science/2004/07/10/65168.html duced from.....blood?!

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911:  The Road to Tyranny