Michael Moore's Bully Squad at UCLA
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  Michael Moore's Bully Squad at UCLA

A listener Writes:

Michael Moore was scheduled to speak today October
12th, at the UCLA tennis center to a crowd of UCLA
students facility and staff., the general public being
excluded. When I approached the line to gain entrance
into the Tennis center, in order to get a seat for the
talk, I was told to present my ID along with my

I was hesitant to comply having witnessed a
young woman get by with only her UCLA vanpool card and
another woman who had a print out of a class schedule
being turned away. I inspected my ticket for any
notice requiring you to show your ID at the and found
none, however the ticket did clearly state no banners
nor signs would be allowed. Upon entering the Center I
approached a gentleman who claimed to have over seen
the ticket issuance process and according to him
everyone who presented a UCLA ID to buy a ticket was
told to take their ID to the event.

This was news to myself as I was not told that when I purchased my
ticket the day before. Upon  relating this revelation
to the man who insisted I must have been told before,
he admitted that its possible when he was not present
the ticket sellers might have neglected to mention
this requirement for admission.

It was then that I was approached by a event coordinator who recognized me
as a UCLA staff person and asked me if  I could do an
urgent favor for the event. I was to run the UCLA
store and buy a UCLA hat for Michael Moore. Being a
fairly good sport I agreed and ran off to the UCLA
student store to buy a hat, with funds provided, for
Mr. Moore. I return to the UCLA tennis Center and
delivered the hat  got a thank you and proceeded to
find a seat.

Michael Moore definitely had a supportive
audience at UCLA and his candid every day guy style
kept the audience engaged for the duration of his
speech. A group of UCLA students were protesting the
presence of Moore on campus but by and large the
heckling of Mr. Moore was kept to a bare minimum,
largely thanks to his over reacting security detail.

As I was preparing to leave the speech early, being I
only had an hour lunch break in which to attend
Michael Moore's speaking engagement, I happened upon a
most curious circumstance.

A young woman, who looked
to be a UCLA student was being dragged up the stairs
out of the audience by a black blazer wearing security
guard. Grasping the young woman around the wrist and
hauling her up the stairs I saw tucked under the
security guards free arm a sign. I figured the young
lady must have brought a sign and was being escorted
out, no biggie.

As I was passing by I saw the security
man transfer the sign from being tucked in his free
arms pit to his free hand so he can begin crumpling
the home made sign up. Seeing her sign being damaged
by the security guard the young woman lunged towards
her sign.

The security man twisted his body to keep
the sign away from the young lady's grasp and as a
result she got a handful of the mans blazer.  The
security man was livid and yelled out "You assaulted
me, you grabbed my jacket!" and he proceeded to bodily
slam the young woman to the ground beside me.

Now I see this big burly security man toss a girl half his
size to the ground and I halted in my tracks and was
resolved to be a witness for this event to see where
this all was leading to.  The security guard
dragged/carried the girl to the nearby fences that
separate the patio of the tennis center from the

I see he left the sign on the ground near
where he slammed the girl down, I stooped and
retrieved the sign and followed the struggling pair to
the edge of the patio. The security guard then shoves
the protestor down and tells her she's under arrest for
assaulting him.

At this point I speak up and tell the
man I was a witness to the whole assault.  He looks at
me and sees I have the sign and a look of displeasure
comes over his features, at which point I continued,
to say that from my vantage point he was the one
committing the assault as the girl clearly was
reaching for her sign which he was destroying.

Michael Moore's security guard then tells me I am going to get
kicked out too and arrested. At this point  more Moore
security arrived and a latino gentleman in a gray
blazer ripped the sign from my hands and tells me I am
going to be arrested too.

I told him to go ahead I just wanted to know the charge.
Unable to come up with
anything he yells at me that I am being detained and
am going to be kicked out for my outspokenness. during
this encounter the man in the black blazer throws the
sign in the trash and lets the young girl return to
her seat.

Satisfied this has come to a somewhat more
civil conclusion I turned away only to have the gray
blazered security guard tell me not to walk away from
him, I was being detained and he would tackle me if I
kept walking away from him. This got me to stop turn
around and tell him I was off to find his supervisor
and file a complaint. He stopped hounding me at that

I was free the young lady didn't get falsely charged
with assault  but Michael Moore's bully squad is still
out there, protestors beware....


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911:  The Road to Tyranny