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Rand Paul: ‘Pentagon thinks it’s too big to audit’; no serious budget cuts proposed in Washington

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April 15, 2011

“We threatened to shut down Washington over nothing, because we’re not cutting spending in any serious way…” that was just one part of Senator Rand Paul’s fiery floor speech blasting both sides of the isle for failing to make a sober effort to operate from a balanced budget.

Paul lashed out at those who’ve bashed the Tea Party over spending issues, claiming that its aims are only ‘good government.’ “You know it’s amazing to me to be lectured to, and hear about how awful the Tea Party is, what the Tea Party represents, from folks who’ve never been to a Tea Party. You know, come on down to a Tea Party, bring your Huey Long rhetoric- a chicken in every pot, a windmill in every… backyard. Bring it on down to the Tea Party; let’s have a discussion. Let’s bring it to the American public. The Tea Party’s been lectured about spending; who among you has voted against an appropriations bill? We haven’t even seen an appropriations bill in this body in over a year; we haven’t seen a budget. We’re spending $2 trillion dollars a year we don’t have, and they’re hear blaming it on the Tea Party. Who’s in charge here? It’s not the Tea Party…”

The Junior Senator also commented that the Pentagon ‘thinks they’re too big to audit,’ referencing the bailout rhetoric about banks ‘too big to fail.’ Federal Reserve records showed, Paul indicated, that the U.S. had been funding Gaddafi only months before it started bombing Libya.

From Campaign for Liberty:

Rand Paul spoke on the Senate floor Thursday to challenge his colleagues to get serious about cutting spending and tackling the debt crisis. He also urged them to trust in the American people’s creativity and innovation instead of government power.


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