Scientist: Robots Could Murder Humans — Out of Kindness

Comments follow tweets by Tesla-founder earlier this month who said AI could be more dangerous than nuclear weapons
Scientist: Robots Could Murder Humans -- Out of Kindness

Image Credits: jason_ff, Flickr.

by Ellie Zolfagharifard | Daily Mail | August 22, 2014

Future generations could be exterminated by Terminator-style robots unless machines are taught the value of human life.

This is the stark warning made by Amsterdam-based engineer Nell Watson, who believes droids could kill humans out of both malice and kindness.

Teaching machines to be kind is not enough, she says, as robots could decide that the greatest compassion to humans as a race is to get rid of everyone to end suffering.

‘The most important work of our lifetime is to ensure that machines are capable of understanding human value,’ she said at the recent ‘Conference by Media Evolution’ in Sweden.

‘It is those values that will ensure machines don’t end up killing us out of kindness.’

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