A high-ranking student official at one of the oldest universities in the world has drawn outrage on her campus by seeming to cheer for the deaths of police officers in the wake of the Dallas sniper shootings.

Ada J. Wells, the elected “LGBT+ Liberation Group convenor” of the Edinburgh University Students’ Association (EUSA) in Scotland, tweeted “even dead cops are bastards” just hours after Micah Xaxier Johnson killed five officers and wounded several more guarding a Black Lives Matter march.

She clearly wanted her anti-police message to be seen as the Internet worldwide reacted to the shooting, using the trending hashtag #dallaspoliceshooting.


Johnson had reportedly stated he “wanted to kill white people, especially white officers.”

Wells, who is white, uses “they” pronouns and calls herself a “Lesbian Non-binary Trans Woman,” doubled down on her position when confronted by other Twitter users.

She claimed “every cop is complicit in state violence. that’s the job description,” but appeared to reject allegations from one user that she was celebrating the deaths: “i’m not celebrating, i’m just not mourning either.”

She has since marked her Twitter account as “protected,” meaning only followers that she approves can see her tweets.


The LGBT+ Liberation Group seeks to provide a “safe space” within the EUSA for such students to gather and “campaign to improve their student experience.” As convenor, Wells has pledged to push for more gender-neutral facilities at the university, raise the profile of the Transgender Day of Remembrance and “campaign for justice” for LGBT+ prisoners and asylum seekers.

Some students and alumni at the prestigious university, whose headcount of 35,000-plus students includes more than 10,000 who are not from the U.K. or European Union, reacted with shock and anger to the comments by the student official.

Law student Robbie Travers, who describes himself online as a strong supporter of Iraq War-era Prime Minister Tony Blair, tweeted “That @AdaJWells represents the LGBT community at Edinburgh which I am a part of shames me, and @EUSA.” A self-identified alumnus of the university suggested contacting the EUSA to complain: “This is my alma matter. I am angry.”

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