British Politicians In 'Secret Deal' To Allow Mass Surveillance Of Public
Prominent MP: “There’s been a deal done between the three parties and it’ll be railroaded through.”
by Steve Watson
NSA Targets As “Extremists” Americans Who Simply Wish to Protect Themselves from Oppression
NSA apologists will pretend that targeting privacy tool users is necessary to stop the bad guys.
by Washington's Blog

NSA Files Provided by Snowden Show Extent to Which Ordinary Web Users Are Caught in the Net
Nearly half of the surveillance files contained names, e-mail addresses or other details that the NSA marked as belonging to U.S. citizens.
by Washington Post
The Surveillance State: covert revolution
The Surveillance State aims to profile every human in the United States.
by Jon Rappoport

Visiting Websites About Privacy Gets You Put in an NSA Database of "Extremists"
Merely expressing an interest in anonymity makes you a target.
by Paul Joseph Watson
'Smart' Street Lights to "Track Everything We Do All the Time"
CBS News report touts benefits of new LED technology.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Top NSA Officials: U.S. Has Turned Into Stasi Germany or Soviet Union
What the Heck Happened to America?
by Washington's Blog
"Overwhelming Number" Of False Matches To Come From FBI Biometric Database
Iris scans, facial recognition technology not properly vetted, warn privacy groups.
by Steve Watson

Teen Confronts Nancy Pelosi on NSA Spying
House Minority Leader bumbles embarrassing response.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Facecrook: NSA storing your facial web images, millions intercepted daily
The National Security Agency is collecting millions of images of people through its international surveillance network to be implemented in a number of other facial recognition programs.
by RT

NSA Spying Is a Power Grab
Mass Surveillance Is Completely Unnecessary.
by Washington's Blog
Greenwald: NSA Intercepts Computer Hardware And Fits It With Surveillance Equipment
Steve Watson | US government tampers with routers before “factory sealing” and sending them on.

by Steve Watson

McCain: Americans Should "Accept" That Their Private Conversations Are Being Monitored
Paul Joseph Watson | “It’s just the way we live”.

by Paul Joseph Watson

Medical Drug-Pumping Microchip Plan to be Carried out by 2017
Christina Sarich | These implanted drug-reservoir chips will be controlled remotely.

by Christina Sarich

10 Examples Of How “Big Brother” Is Steadily Creeping Into Our Daily Lives
Michael Snyder | Virtually everything that you do is being watched.

by Michael Snyder

LA County Sheriff Admits Big Brother Is Here "But We Kept It Pretty Hush Hush"
Zero Hedge | If it’s adopted, Americans can be policed like Iraqis and Afghanis under occupation.

by Zero Hedge