What happens when you 'report abuse'? The secretive Facebook censors who decide what is - and what isn't abuse
Chris Green is the first reporter to be allowed into the Dublin office where staff must decide where freedom of speech begins and ends.
by Chris Green
Futurist: Smart Meters Will Know What TV Show You're Watching
‘Internet of Things’ could have “catastrophic consequences”.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Samsung Admits Private Conversations Being Sent to Internet Server
Smart TVs prompt privacy backlash.
by Paul Joseph Watson
EU wants to snoop on Skype to combat terrorist threat – report
The EU agency for judicial cooperation says the bloc needs to develop a common approach to lawfully intercept services like Skype and Viber.
by RT

Former CIA & NSA Head: After 9/11 US Constitution Is "A Movable Feast"
Hayden admits surveillance purposely targets ordinary Americans.
by Steve Watson & David Knight
Office Implants Microchips Under Employees' Skin
Biohackers say it’s time to prepare for governments & corporations implementing same technology.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Out Of Control DEA Planned to Spy on Cars Parked at Gun Shows
Documents reveal further details of mass government spying.
by Steve Watson
UK Government Announces Plan to Remotely Control Vehicles
State to seize control of cars via wi-fi sensors to reduce “traffic congestion” & global warming.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Facebook Spies on You For The Government
Will allow third parties like the CIA, FBI, NSA etc. to collect information from your computer, phones and other devices where you can use Facebook.
by Infowars.com
FREEDOM!!! UK Cops Arrest Man Over Joke Tweet
Threaten Everyone Else, Vow To Monitor Social Media.
by Steve Watson

Sony Hack Reinvigorates Support for Privacy-Busting CISPA-Style Legislation
White House, lawmakers exploit crisis to push for draconian data powers.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Congress Passes Bill Which Grants "Unlimited Access to Communications of Every American"
Amash labels legislation “most egregious I’ve encountered”.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Always watching: Undercover feds surge in numbers, infiltrate protests – report
The federal government has been approving a high number of operations in which agents pose as activists and business people, a new report says.
by RT
Rand Paul To Oppose Weak NSA Reform Bill
Legislation will extend PATRIOT ACT.
by Steve Watson

Dragnet: Justice Dept gets airborne to spy on thousands of American cellphone users
New disclosures show the Justice Department is engaged in dragnet surveillance using aircraft.
by RT
Survey: Americans Have Smartened Up To Mass Government Spying
80% are concerned about NSA surveillance.
by Steve Watson