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Planet Infowars | Also discussed in this one is the lithium sprayed on us.

by Planet Infowars

UN Climate Panel Admits Mistakes Were Made
Alister Doyle | Panel had hoped to avoid more corrections after an embarrassing error about Himalayan ice-melt in its 2007 report

by Alister Doyle

World Without Humans Author Calls for Eugenics to Deal With Debunked Climate Change
Kurt Nimmo | Eugenics, as always, provides the answer.

by Kurt Nimmo

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AZ Central | The 19 hotshots who died June 30 while battling the inferno did not act negligently or recklessly.

by AZ Central

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Denver Post | Some calls were from people who didn’t know what to do about the strange snake or turtle that showed up in their yard.

by Denver Post

Default Image | Will the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change “fess up and effectively put itself out of business?”


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Daily Mail | Some of the largest ocean eddies in this region are mathematically equivalent to the mysterious black holes of space.

by Daily Mail

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Reuters | Panel of experts met on Monday to review a draft report that raises the probability that climate change is man-made.

by Reuters

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Lance Devon | Man threatened with arrest and fines for planting flowers around a Washington city.

by Lance Devon

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The Hill | Obama says the planet is warming and human activity is contributing to it.

by The Hill

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AntiCorruption Society | NASA’s geo-engineering has put humanity at a critical crossroad.

by AntiCorruption Society

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RT | EPA denies fracking caused water contamination in Wyoming. Agency declares investigation is closed.

by RT

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Washington Post | Obama’s lays out plans to nationally reduce carbon pollution.

by Washington Post

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The Hill | President Obama intends to unveil a package of second-term climate change policies in July, according to a news account.


Al Gore backlash: Why environmentalists are celebrating rising CO2 levels
Mike Adams | Majority of CO2 comes from biology.

by Mike Adams

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Economic Collapse | What is life going to look like as our precious water resources become increasingly strained and the western half of the United States becomes bone dry?

by Economic Collapse