Rand Paul: Obama Is Not A King
Senator warns of Constitutional crisis over climate change “end-around” of Congress.
by Steve Watson
Retired officers poised to profit after Pentagon’s alarmist climate change report
Obama calls climate change report a “call to action.”
by Rowan Scarborough

'I Recant' Says Author of Infamous Seventies Newsweek 'Global Cooling' Article
The author of a much-quoted 1975 Newsweek article predicting catastrophic global cooling now says it was a big mistake and the earth was warming all along.
by James Delingpole
Suspend your reality for Godzilla: It’s an anti-global-warming alarmism smash
If it’s summer movie season, that means it’s time for me to make some counterintuitive claims about the blockbusters in our midst.
by Sonny Bunch

Liberal Fascist Calls For Global Warming Skeptics to be Arrested
Paul Joseph Watson | Unhinged Gawker journo wants critics thrown in gulags for thought crime of questioning establishment.

by Paul Joseph Watson

Professor Calls For Climate Change 'Deniers' To Be Imprisoned
Steve Watson | Wants to criminalize questioning of the science on global warming.

by Steve Watson

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Daily Caller | White House science czar Dr. John Holdren told reporters that virtually all weather is being impacted by climate change.

by Daily Caller

On The Coldest Day In America In 20 Years, Here Are Al Gore’s Stupidest Global Warming Quotes
Michael Snyder | America could actually use some global warming right about now.


World Without Humans Author Calls for Eugenics to Deal With Debunked Climate Change
Kurt Nimmo | Eugenics, as always, provides the answer.

by Kurt Nimmo

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AZ Central | The 19 hotshots who died June 30 while battling the inferno did not act negligently or recklessly.

by AZ Central

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Denver Post | Some calls were from people who didn’t know what to do about the strange snake or turtle that showed up in their yard.

by Denver Post

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Telegraph.co.uk | Will the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change “fess up and effectively put itself out of business?”

by Telegraph.co.uk

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Daily Mail | Some of the largest ocean eddies in this region are mathematically equivalent to the mysterious black holes of space.

by Daily Mail

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Reuters | Panel of experts met on Monday to review a draft report that raises the probability that climate change is man-made.

by Reuters

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Reuters | The plea deal with Halliburton was first announced by the company and the U.S. Department of Justice on July 25.

by Reuters

Record return of Arctic ice cap as it grows by 60% in a year
Daily Mail | Arctic summer has left nearly a million more square miles of ocean covered with ice than at the same time last year.

by Daily Mail