White House Releases Image Depicting Obama as 'Game of Thrones' King
Paul Joseph Watson | Critics of Obama’s executive agenda might not see the funny side.

by Paul Joseph Watson

SD Joins 21 States in Brief Challenging NY Gun Ban
AP | Challenging the constitutionality of a New York ban on semi-automatic weapons..

by AP

Homeland Security Faces Lawsuit Over Ignored FOIA Request
Paul Joseph Watson | Border Patrol refuses to release information on unconstitutional checkpoints, roving patrols.

by Paul Joseph Watson

U.S. Supreme Court Declines New Gun Regulations Challenge
Reuters | Supremes decline to say whether Americans have a right to carry handguns outside the home.

by Reuters

Students, It’s Illegal To Wear An American Flag Shirt On Cinco De Mayo
Daily Caller | In response, Tea Party groups plan to protest.

by Daily Caller

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WND | ‘I can see a riot happening here. It’s not going to be a pretty picture.’

by WND

"Operation Choke Point" Raises Alarms
NRA ILA | Eventual targets include sellers of firearms and ammunition.


Watch: This Is What Happens When the Good Guy Has a Gun
Mac Slavo | The fact is that those who would do harm to innocent people will not go away.

by Mac Slavo

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Daily Caller | Nevada assemblywoman Michele Fiore clashed with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes regarding rancher Cliven Bundy’s conflict with the federal government on Friday.

by Daily Caller

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Infowars.com | Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and rancher Cliven Bundy have a response to Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.), who declared all Bundy supporters to be “domestic terrorists.”

by Infowars.com

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The Hill | Obama administration considering executive order requiring all new guns be made with biometric technology, e.g. finger-print recognition or bracelets.

by The Hill

Going Postal: USPS Stocks Up On Guns and Ammo: “It Doesn’t Make a Whole Lot of Sense”
Mac Slavo | Going postal just took on a whole new meaning.

by Mac Slavo

Safe Act Gun Showdown: Will New Yorkers Register Assault Weapons?
Poughkeepsie Journal | Come Tuesday, owners of assault weapons in New York will be faced with a choice.

by Poughkeepsie Journal

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NRO | “Just to be clear, I know where my birth certificate is, but a lot of people don’t,” he quipped to a cheering audience.

by NRO

Eric Holder wants gun owners to wear ‘smart gun’ bracelets
Daily Caller | Mandating that gun owners would have to wear bracelets before they could activate their firearms.

by Daily Caller

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Steve Watson | Found guilty of harassment and making threats for explaining anti-gun legislation was killing his ammo business

by Steve Watson