Rand Paul Blasts Obama Executive Actions, Cites Internment Camps
“We shouldn’t allow that much power to gravitate to one individual.”
by Steve Watson
GOP Suing Obama For "Rewriting Federal Law On His Own"
“Time after time, the president has chosen to ignore the will of the American people”.
by Steve Watson

Gohmert: 'An Offense to the Constitution'; Bachmann: 'Contempt' for Americans
President Obama’s executive action on immigration is “outrageous”.
by Susan Jones
The coming climate onslaught
President Obama readies a sweeping list of executive actions.
by Andrew Restuccia and Erica Martinson

Students Suspended Over Pellet Gun Facebook Photo
Parents say punishment violates First Amendment as image was taken at home.
by Steve Watson
Judge: Obama "A Candidate For Impeachment" If He Gives Illegals Green Cards
“He has violated his oath to uphold the law”.
by Steve Watson

Hollow Justice and Courts of Order in an Age of Government-Sanctioned Tyranny
Justice in America makes less sense with each passing day.
by John W. Whitehead
Video: How To Exercise Your Rights At An Unconstitutional Checkpoint
Cop says he dislikes Americans who “pull this crap”.
by Steve Watson

Wave Of Immigrants Funded By DHS
Alex brings to light the issues behind the ongoing immigrant wave coming in over the southern border.
by Infowars.com
Will Obama seek approval for Iraq strike?
The White House dodged questions Thursday on whether President Obama would seek congressional approval to launch airstrikes against Iraq in response to a surge of sectarian violence.
by Justin Sink

Obama blames Founding Fathers’ ‘structural’ design of Congress for gridlock
President Obama is taking a swipe at the Founding Fathers.
by Dave Boyer
Tech companies: FBI ‘gag orders’ violate Constitution
Four tech companies claim that the FBI is ignoring their First Amendment rights by barring them from revealing what types of information they turn over to the government.
by Julian Hattem

Obama Administration Choking Off Bank Lending to Gun Dealers
If frontal attacks on Americans’ right to keep and bear arms won’t work, the backdoor assault of Operation Choke Point just might.
by Bob Adelmann
Video: Border Patrol Attempt To Seize Phone From Libertarian Filming Inland Checkpoint Stop
Agent: “I don’t know if it’s a weapon”
by Steve Watson

DOJ: Americans Have No 4th Amendment Protections At All When They Communicate With Foreigners
Tech Dirt | The US government appears to take its “no 4th Amendment protections for foreigners” to absurd new levels.

by Tech Dirt

Texas High School Suspends Student For Refusing to Say Pledge of Allegiance
Adan Salazar | School stifles student’s freedom of expression.

by Adan Salazar