Obama issues 'executive orders by another name'
By issuing his directives as “memoranda” rather than executive orders, Obama has downplayed the extent of his executive actions.
It's Now Illegal In Illinois To Film Cops
Or any government officials, for that matter.
by Steve Watson

Dems Admit They Didn't Read NDAA Before Passing It
“Of course not. Are you kidding?”
by Paul Joseph Watson
White House: Obama Was 'Speaking Colloquially’ When He Admitted To Violating Constitution
When President said he is “changing the law” on immigration, he did not mean literally changing the law.
by Steve Watson

17 States Sue Obama Over "Unconstitutional" Executive Action On Immigration
According to AP, Texas is leading a 17-state coalition in suing over the Obama administration’s recently announced executive actions on immigration.
by Zero Hedge
Rand Paul On Executive Amnesty: Obama Can’t ‘Defend The Indefensible’ [VIDEO]
“How do you defend against the president’s actual words twenty times saying he didn’t have the power?”
by Alex Griswold

National Guard Arrives In Ferguson, Veterans Ask Them To JOIN Protesters
Open letter urges “The police in Ferguson are violating the Constitution.”
by Steve Watson
Obama Lies About Past Presidents' Executive Action On Immigration
Reagan, Bush did not write their own laws, despite incumbent president’s claims.
by Steve Watson

Video: How To Exercise Your Rights At An Unconstitutional Checkpoint
Cop says he dislikes Americans who “pull this crap”.
by Steve Watson
Rep. Jones on Syria Attack: "Why Do We Have a Constitution?"
Congressman slams White House for snubbing lawmakers.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Rand Paul Blisters Obama and Clinton, Calls for GOP Diversity
Accused Obama of confounding the Constitution.
by Cathleen Decker
Judge: Founding Fathers Turning In Graves At Obama’s ‘Unconstitutional, Murderous’ Behavior
We live in a post 9/11 “Universal surveillance state”.
by Steve Watson

Rubio: Obama already has the authority to strike ISIS in Syria
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) says President Obama does not need authorization from Congress.
by Mario Trujillo
Vampire Cops to Establish Nazi-style Checkpoints Over Labor Day Weekend
Checkpoints, ‘no refusal’ blood draws now standard fare during national holidays.
by Adan Salazar

Cop: 'If Obama Doesn't Follow the Constitution, We Don't Have To'
“I don’t give a damn.”
by Paul Joseph Watson
Independence Day: What the Hell HAPPENED to America?
“We Have Become Such Grumbling Drones — Powerless, Passive, And Frankly A Bit Pathetic.”
by Washington's Blog