Another fourteen black on white murders
We have been working to create a comprehensive look at black on white murders for the years 2014 and 2015.
by Council Of Conservative Citizens
Backlash As "Sick" Planned Parenthood Promotes Abortion On Mother's Day
“You’re sick, evil, reprobates. Celebrate life, not death.”
by Steve Watson

Jade Helm: Just The Beginning
Jade Helm is NOT a martial law takeover but it does prepare the military for civil unrest here in America.
by InfoWars
In Jade Helm operation, Texas gives early lessons on the ‘human domain’
The official slogan of Operation Jade Helm 15, “Master the Human Domain,” is just one of many oddities.
by Austin American Statesman

Two police officers shot in Mississippi, suspects in custody
The suspects in the killing of two police officers, shot during a routine traffic stop in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, are now in police custody.
by RT
About TWO DOZEN Murders Have Happened In Baltimore Since Freddie Gray Fell Into Coma
The city of Baltimore, Md. has been home to roughly two dozen murders since police arrested Freddie Gray on April 12 for possession of an illegal switchblade.
by Daily Caller

American Patriotism is Dying a Slow Death
The pride Americans feel for their country is slipping away.
by The Daily Sheeple
Record number of Americans living abroad renounce citizenship
A record number of Americans gave up their US citizenship in the first quarter of 2015, according to IRS data.
by RT

96 Percent Of Americans Expect More Civil Unrest In U.S. Cities This Summer
Are you ready for rioting, looting and mindless violence in major U.S. cities all summer long?
by Michael Snyder
Vanderbilt Prof Blames Baltimore Riots On ‘White Privilege,’ Calls For Massive Surveillance Of White People
A black sociology professor at Vanderbilt University is arguing that “white privilege” is to blame for last week’s riots and looting in Baltimore, Md.
by Daily Caller

Source: Baltimore Police Officers Want To Oust The Mayor [VIDEO]
“You had no idea what it did to us as police officers to sit there.”
by Daily Caller
GoFundMe yanks crowdfunding campaign for Baltimore cops
A GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign set up on behalf of Baltimore police officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray was quickly removed Friday by the company.
by Washington Times

New York City police officer shot in the head, one person arrested
A plainclothes New York City police officer was shot in the head and critically injured.
by Associated Press
Fox News Posts Fake Baltimore Riot Photo That’s Actually From Venezuela
Just imagine how much else they are lying to us about!
by Counter Current News

Law Professor: Baltimore Officers Were Overcharged, Charges Will Likely Be Dismissed
“I think a prosecutor is going to have a hard time proving that the actions did in fact cause death.”
by Daily Caller
Brutal Honesty: This Is The Video About Racism They Don’t Want You To See
Racism, it seems, is not only alive and well, but worse than it has ever been.
by Mac Slavo