Thousands of Cops Turn Backs to Mayor De Blasio as He Speaks at Ramos Funeral
“A very large number, perhaps in the thousands number of police officers, turning their backs on the mayor.”
by Paul Bois
#Ferguson Protester Posts Ominous Threat to Police: “New Years Eve Massacre, Kill a Pig Night”
Another Ferguson protester is threatening to murder police on New Year’s Eve.
by Jim Hoft

‘Peaceful’ Ferguson Protester Arrested For Setting Fire To Convenience Store
A leading Ferguson protester who’s advocated for non-violent protest was arrested Friday for an act of violent protest.
Sony hack: North Korea calls Barack Obama a 'MONKEY' after accusing US over internet blackout
The rogue state used a racial slur to describe the American president, as the row over the Sony Pictures hack and release of The Interview continues.
by UK Daily Mirror

#BlackLivesMatter Protesters Smash Up Oakland Christmas Tree
Vandals say cops should have ‘No Time Off’ in violent demonstrations.
by Steve Watson
Spoiled Brats Complain About Christmas Gifts, "Stupid Parents"
True meaning of Christmas lost for many in west.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Obama Creates the “Truth” of His Agenda
Why does Obama come up with such quick judgments on news events and make them public?
by Michael S. Rozeff
Black Mayor Defends White Cop Involved In Latest Shooting
“Truly, you don’t believe every black man killed is because of a white police officer.”
by Steve Watson

NYPD Cop Killer Inspired by ISIS?
Brinsley posted extreme passages from Koran.
by Paul Joseph Watson
NYPD Shooting Eyewitness: People 'Clapping and Laughing'
Mayor Bill de Blasio said this is ‘not the time for politics’ following the murder of two police officers in Brooklyn on Saturday.
by AP

FBI Issues Warning: Black Prison Gang Is Targeting White Cops
The FBI issued a warning Friday that the Black Guerilla Family prison was plotting to attack white police officers in the state.
by Kristinn Taylor
Man aimed empty gun in cop’s face, pulled trigger: officials
A suspect pointed a gun directly at the officer’s head and pulled the trigger in The Bronx — not realizing it was empty.
by Larry Celona and Matt McNulty

Police supporters storm New York City in ‘I CAN breathe’ shirts; clash with protesters
Believe it or not, there are some New Yorkers who actually support the police.
by Carmine Sabia
Video: New York City Police officers turn their backs on DeBlasio in disgust
Rows of New York City police officers turned their backs on New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio at a press conference Saturday night after the murder of two police officers in Brooklyn.

Obama Golfs After Receiving Word of NYPD Shooting
President Barack Obama was briefed on the ambush killing of two NYPD cops while on the golf course in Hawaii this afternoon, according to the White House press pool report.
by Breitbart
Illegals May Use Facebook Postings to Meet Exec Amnesty Residency Requirements
Some illegal immigrants may try to use Facebook postings and check-ins to attempt to qualify for President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty.
by Breitbart