CIA torture report: Extremist backlash to controversial report begins
‘Getting beheaded is 100 times more humane, more dignified than what these filthy scumbags do to Muslims’.
by Adam Withnall

Obama Admits Amnesty Is For Many More Than 5 Million
President Barack Obama told a group of illegal immigrants in Tennessee that his immigration-law rewrite means “you’re not going to be deported.”
by Neil Munro
Thousands of Cellphone Users Receive Government "Emergency Alert"
Kentucky residents told to “prepare for action”.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Prince William Meets King Obama: Twitter Responds Accordingly
‘What’s it like to be able to do things unilaterally without a legislature?’
by Steve Watson
Michael Brown Shooting: Federal Autopsy Shows Evidence Of Scuffle In Brown's Death, Close-Range Shot
The latest autopsy also revealed details of gunshot wounds to the hand, indicating a struggle.
by Suman Varandani

St. Louis Fears Civil Unrest That Could "Radically Alter" Future of City
‘Civil unrest’ czar to oversee response to Ferguson riots.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Eric Garner's Wife: "I Don’t Feel Like It's A Black And White Thing"
Agrees with other family members despite media and politicians’ race obsession.
by Steve Watson

New Video Shows Mike Brown’s Step-Dad Predicting A Riot [VIDEO]
A new video has emerged showing the 38-year-old predicting that his words would cause mayhem in the St. Louis suburb.
by Chuck Ross
‘Hit him again!’ Students cheer when car runs into cops, critically injuring one
Several students were overheard cheering and chanting in the aftermath of the collision while teachers watched.
by Carmine Sabia

Mike Brown's Cousin: Let's Not Make This About Race
Focus should be on problem of police brutality, not hating white people.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Democrats Use Cardboard Cutout Of Reagan To Argue For Amnesty, Tax Hikes
Life sized likeness started as a joke, now being used on House floor.
by Steve Watson

Ferguson Activist Who Met Obama Faces Assault Charges; Published Police Chief's SS Number
Video emerges of protester shoving City Hall security guard as mob attempted to get inside.
by Steve Watson
Dems Admit They Didn't Read NDAA Before Passing It
“Of course not. Are you kidding?”
by Paul Joseph Watson

SC Jury Indicts White Officer for Killing Black Man - Media Ignores
White officer indicted Wednesday for shooting unarmed black man.
by Bradford Thomas 
Cops Celebrate Garner Decision: "Let Us Kick Some Thug Ass"
Shocking comments highlight crass justification for police brutality.
by Paul Joseph Watson