Legal memos released on Bush-era justification for warrantless wiretapping
The Justice Department released two decade-old memos Friday night.
by Ellen Nakashima
Mystery Solved: The Truth About 'Fake Cellphone Towers'
Media feigns ignorance on reality behind spy devices.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Instead Of Monitoring ISIS, Obama Spied On Americans
Former Pentagon official reveals President has been given “granular” intelligence on rise of terror group for over a year.
by Steve Watson
Mysterious 'Fake' Cell Phone Towers Found Across America
Imposter towers discovered near U.S. Army bases.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Feds Deny "Vehicle to Vehicle Communications" Tech Will Be Used to Spy on Drivers
“Basic Safety Message” to broadcast GPS signal.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Snowden: There's A "Holy Sh_t" Smoking Gun Revelation Coming
Whistleblower says government believes he has information that “would be the death of them all politically”.
by Steve Watson

MIT Develops Tech to Record Conversations Using Inanimate Objects
Your plant pot may be spying on you.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Whistleblower Calls For Impeachment of Obama Over NSA Spying
William Binney says intelligence agencies are running government.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Visiting Websites About Privacy Gets You Put in an NSA Database of "Extremists"
Merely expressing an interest in anonymity makes you a target.
by Paul Joseph Watson
'Smart' Street Lights to "Track Everything We Do All the Time"
CBS News report touts benefits of new LED technology.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Government Stops Glenn Greenwald from Publishing His Big Snowden Revelation
But Others Will Release ALL of the Snowden Documents to Prevent a War.
by Washington's Blog
What Americans Need to Know About the History of Spying
The Hidden History of Mass Surveillance.
by Washington's Blog

"Overwhelming Number" Of False Matches To Come From FBI Biometric Database
Iris scans, facial recognition technology not properly vetted, warn privacy groups.
by Steve Watson
Glenn Greenwald: New NSA Leak From Snowden 'Very Imminent'
“One of the most important in the archive,” says Greenwald.
by Caleb Howe

Senior NSA Executive: NSA Started Spying On Journalists in 2002 … In Order to Make Sure They Didn’t Report On Mass Surveillance
The Story of NSA’s “First Fruits” Program Has Never Been Told.
by Washington's Blog
NSA Whistleblower: Snowden Never Had Access to the JUICIEST Documents
Many of Tice’s allegations have been confirmed by other government whistleblowers.
by Washington's Blog