Irate NSA Staffer Doesn't Like Being Filmed in Public, for Some Reason
Be careful if you catch an NSA staffer in the wild.
by John Cook
NSA, GCHQ have secret access to German telecom networks – report
US and UK intelligence services have secret access points for German telecom companies’ internal networks, Der Spiegel reports.
by RT

Spy court renews NSA metadata program
The federal court overseeing spy agencies on Friday reauthorized the National Security Agency’s controversial bulk collection of Americans’ phone records.
by Julian Hattem
iPhone 6 'Apple Pay' Fingerprint System Stokes "Mark of the Beast" Fears
Twitter explodes with concerns over biblical warning.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Snowden leak exposes US plan to spy on foreign businesses for profit
US weighed someday conducting espionage to prevent losing its economic prowess to other countries.
by RT
Legal memos released on Bush-era justification for warrantless wiretapping
The Justice Department released two decade-old memos Friday night.
by Ellen Nakashima

Mystery Solved: The Truth About 'Fake Cellphone Towers'
Media feigns ignorance on reality behind spy devices.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Instead Of Monitoring ISIS, Obama Spied On Americans
Former Pentagon official reveals President has been given “granular” intelligence on rise of terror group for over a year.
by Steve Watson

Dozens More Military Programs To Control Social Media Revealed
Controversial Facebook study is just tip of an iceberg.
by Steve Watson
What Your "Startlingly Intimate, Voyeristic" NSA File Looks Like
A few days ago, we asked a simple rhetorical question: “Are you targeted by the NSA?”
by Zero Hedge

NSA Targets As “Extremists” Americans Who Simply Wish to Protect Themselves from Oppression
NSA apologists will pretend that targeting privacy tool users is necessary to stop the bad guys.
by Washington's Blog
NSA Files Provided by Snowden Show Extent to Which Ordinary Web Users Are Caught in the Net
Nearly half of the surveillance files contained names, e-mail addresses or other details that the NSA marked as belonging to U.S. citizens.
by Washington Post

Bruce Schneier: 'I Think There's a Second NSA Leaker'
Security expert says a new whistleblower has emerged, Greenwald agrees.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Visiting Websites About Privacy Gets You Put in an NSA Database of "Extremists"
Merely expressing an interest in anonymity makes you a target.
by Paul Joseph Watson

'Smart' Street Lights to "Track Everything We Do All the Time"
CBS News report touts benefits of new LED technology.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Government Stops Glenn Greenwald from Publishing His Big Snowden Revelation
But Others Will Release ALL of the Snowden Documents to Prevent a War.
by Washington's Blog