Federal Judge Rules Public has No Right to Information on Targeted Drone Killing
Courthouse News | DoJ does not have to disclose documents related to a targeted drone strike that killed U.S. citizen Anwar al-Awlaki in 2011.

by Courthouse News

Watch a Congressional Candidate Shoot Down a 'Government Drone'
National Journal | House contender Matt Rosendale of Montana wants Big Brother out of his airspace.

by National Journal

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Bloomberg | U.S. officials can’t be held liable for the death of an American al-Qaeda leader killed by a drone strike in Yemen in 2011, a federal judge ruled.

by Bloomberg

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Steve Watson | Developers intended demonstration to provide a “wake up call” over dystopic technology.

by Steve Watson

China begins openly using drones to spray chemtrails
John Vibes | The Chinese government is openly spraying chemtrails with drones to “reduce pollution”.

by John Vibes

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Sacremento Bee | Drones, once known as weapons of war, are undergoing a dramatic makeover as a hot new business tool in the sky.

by Sacremento Bee

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Steve Watson | Company owner finds himself “on the FAA blacklist”.

by Steve Watson

Five Years Of Obama Death Drones Has Snuffed Out 2400 Lives
Steve Watson | Eight times more strikes, six times more deaths than under Bush.

by Steve Watson

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Paul Joseph Watson | Campaign to ban killer robots achieves success at UN.

by Paul Joseph Watson

Drones With Face Detection Cameras Obey Visual and Vocal Commands
Mikael Thalen | Researchers recently unveiled a new fleet of drones capable of obeying vocal and visual commands.

by Mikael Thalen

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Washington Post | Strikes by the agency will likely continue for the foreseeable future.

by Washington Post

Revealed: Northrop Grumman's Unmarked Gray Helicopter Drone
Paul Joseph Watson | Next generation UAV to spy on Americans?

by Paul Joseph Watson

China Tests First Stealth Combat Drone: Media
AFP | China has tested its first stealth combat drone, state media said Friday.

by AFP

‘Retract Peace Prize’: Russian NGOs blast Obama over ‘killing people’ confession
RT | Major military-related groups addressed Nobel Committee with request to evaluate inhumane statements made by US president.

by RT

US drone strike rips Yemeni community apart
RT | RT visited Yemen to put a human face to a community forever changed by yet another anonymous strike from above.

by RT

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Defense News | In recent years, Iran has launched an ambitious drone program, causing worry in the United States and the West.

by Defense News