7-Year-Old Suspended Over Toy Gun, Even Though He "Turned Himself In"
Parents fuming: “What kind of message are we sending to our kids?”
by Steve Watson
Okla. Gov. Fallin signs bill repealing Common Core
Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin on Thursday repealed the state’s controversial Common Core curriculum.
by Watchdog

Video: College Students Are Experts On Pharrell, Have No Idea What Benghazi Is
“Er… Some kind of Islamic political group?”
by Steve Watson
Planned Failure: Why No Amount Of Money Can Fix Public Education
Rob Dew | $100 million donated to the Newark Public Schools were squandered and did anything but increase education standards.

by Rob Dew

Student Fights Back After Suspension Over Pro-Gun T-Shirt
Steve Watson | School claims shirt is “unsafe and disruptive”.

by Steve Watson

When Not Even The "1%" Can Afford College
Zero Hedge | As for everyone else, forget it.. Prepare to become a debt slave for life.

by Zero Hedge

Administration to Pledge Equal Education for Illegal Immigrants
The Hill | Attorney Gen. and Education Secretary expected to detail proposal Thursday morning.

by The Hill

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Steve Watson | Boy, 8, Faces Two Felony Charges, Forced Counseling.

by Steve Watson

Schoolchildren's 'Psycho-Social Checklist' Asks First-Grader's 'Sexual Identity Issues'
Truth Revolt | “These factors should be considered when determining if a student is eligible for special education.”

by Truth Revolt

Bill Gates loves Common Core for your kids, BUT NOT HIS
Daily Caller | Strangely enough, Common Core isn’t quite good enough for Gates and his wife when it comes to the education of their own three children.

by Daily Caller

Private School Defends Strip-Searching Child, Says Constitutional Rights Do Not Apply
Steve Watson | Mother sues for civil rights violations.

by Steve Watson

Guns, schools, mind control, revolution
Jon Rappoport | Fingers pointed like a gun. A pop tart chewed into the shape of a gun. A toy gun.

by Jon Rappoport

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Infowars.com | Infowars reporters Lee Ann McAdoo and Jon Bowne investigate what the general populace knows about American history and their rights.

by Infowars.com

Sex And The Public Schools
Michael Snyder | You are going to have a hard time believing some of the stuff that you are about to read.

by Michael Snyder

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NPR | 26 percent of those surveyed answered incorrectly.

by NPR

Child Interrogated And Suspended After Voluntarily "Turning In" Toy Gun At School
Steve Watson | Officials demand 11-year-old undergo counseling and “psychiatric evaluation”.

by Steve Watson