Epidemic Of Police Brutality Now Sweeping Through Schools
All over the country reports of cops beating children are emerging.
by Steve Watson
Video: Cop Goes Beserk, Hits Kids In The Face With Baton, Pepper Spray
Students charged with assault and suspended.
by Steve Watson

Fourth-grader says he has the One Ring, school suspends him for terrorist threat, dad says
A fourth-grader in west Texas has been suspended, his father says, because he pretended to have a ring like the One Ring from The Lord of the Rings.
by Owen S. Good 
Texas School Enforces Underwear Inspections On Students
Strip searches conducted in effort to identify mystery pooper.
by Steve Watson

Handcuffs, Leg Shackles and Tasers: The New Face of Punishment in the Public Schools
Roughly 1500 kids are tied up or locked down every day by school officials in the United States.
by John W. Whitehead
Education is Too Important Not to Leave to the Marketplace
This week, events around the country will highlight the importance of parental control of education as part of National School Choice Week.
by Ron Paul

British Judge Suspended For Recommending Straight Couple To Adopt Child
Not only did the other judges disagree, they convened a review committee that recommended Page be suspended and removed from his post.
by Peter Malcolm 

School Kid Suspended And ARRESTED For Imagining Shooting A Dinosaur
Furious parents not informed until police had taken son into custody.
by Steve Watson
Study: People Would Rather Electrocute Themselves Than Think For 15 Minutes
Attention spans are… whatever, ooo Facebook.
by Steve Watson

The Wonders of Modern Education
Apparently, this wasn’t a spoof.
by YouTube
"Pop Tart Gun" Case Still Ongoing After Second Appeal Fails
Boy’s family vow to go to court to defeat zero tolerance “insanity”.
by Steve Watson

Bill Aimed At 'Zero Tolerance' Lunacy Becomes Law
No more suspensions In Florida for children who simulate firearms.
by Steve Watson
Opt-Out of Common Core, Opt-In to The Ron Paul Curriculum
Oklahoma recently took action to protect the state’s children from the federal education bureaucracy.
by Ron Paul

Ron Paul's School of 1776 to Counter Common Core Indoctrination
Federally imposed educational standards to eviscerate critical thinking.
by Paul Joseph Watson
7-Year-Old Suspended Over Toy Gun, Even Though He "Turned Himself In"
Parents fuming: “What kind of message are we sending to our kids?”
by Steve Watson