Six-Year-Old Child Suspended For Making Gun Shape With Hand
Child forced to undergo reeducation on “what it means to be dead”.
by Steve Watson
School Textbook: "There's No Such Thing as Reverse Racism"
Only white people can be racist.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Teacher investigated for posting 'terrorist list' of students on classroom door
A math teacher at St. Petersburg High allegedly posted a “terrorist list” on his classroom door with students’ names.
by Tampa Bay Times
College indoctrination on steroids: Capitalism must be overthrown for sake of humanity
American universities are pumping out loyal socialist soldiers.
by Bizpac Review

Video of the Day – Watch as Florida Parents are Treated Like Children for Questioning School Curriculum
Take a look at how contemptuously and dismissively these parents’ concerns are dealt with at the Collier Country School Board Workshop.
by Michael Krieger
Shocking Video Shows College Students Condemning Free Speech And The 1st Amendment
Just how important is the First Amendment to students today?
by Truth Revolt

Chinese Immigrant: Common Core Reminds Me Of Communist China
“I’m here to tell you, Common Core really scares me.”
by Trey Sanchez 
School Principal Calls FBI After 8th Grader Throws 'Made In China' Flag Out Of Window
Wants federal charges brought against child.
by Steve Watson

100-year-old math teacher shreds Common Core
A 100-year-old teacher has seen a lot in the classroom.
by Joe Saunders

Politicians Silence 9-Year-Old Over Posting Photos of School Lunch
Do you want to know what some kids are being served at school everyday?
by Christina Sarich
Teacher's Michael Brown Test Highlights Brainwashing Process
Schools participation in #HandsUpWalkOut protest angers parents.
by Steve Watson

Ten Year Old Suspended For Pointing Imaginary Ray Gun
Parents Outraged over 2 day punishment for mouthing laser sounds.
by Steve Watson
School Teaches Kids "The Government Gives Us Rights"
God-given freedoms are in fact “special privileges” granted by the state, says handout.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Students Suspended Over Pellet Gun Facebook Photo
Parents say punishment violates First Amendment as image was taken at home.
by Steve Watson