Politicians Silence 9-Year-Old Over Posting Photos of School Lunch
Do you want to know what some kids are being served at school everyday?
by Christina Sarich
Teacher's Michael Brown Test Highlights Brainwashing Process
Schools participation in #HandsUpWalkOut protest angers parents.
by Steve Watson

Ten Year Old Suspended For Pointing Imaginary Ray Gun
Parents Outraged over 2 day punishment for mouthing laser sounds.
by Steve Watson
School Teaches Kids "The Government Gives Us Rights"
God-given freedoms are in fact “special privileges” granted by the state, says handout.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Students Suspended Over Pellet Gun Facebook Photo
Parents say punishment violates First Amendment as image was taken at home.
by Steve Watson

5-Year Old Child Forced To Sign 'Non-Suicide Agreement' After Crayon Gun Drawing
“Mommy, daddy, what is suicide?” girl asked parents.
by Steve Watson
Nebraska Schools Ban Term 'Boys And Girls', Train Teachers To Avoid 'Gendered Expressions'
Weird internal documents promote “metrosexuality” and ‘gender spectrum’; refer to ‘genderbread person’ instead of ‘gingerbread man’.
by Steve Watson

Video: College Students Are Experts On Pharrell, Have No Idea What Benghazi Is
“Er… Some kind of Islamic political group?”
by Steve Watson
Planned Failure: Why No Amount Of Money Can Fix Public Education
Rob Dew | $100 million donated to the Newark Public Schools were squandered and did anything but increase education standards.

by Rob Dew

Student Fights Back After Suspension Over Pro-Gun T-Shirt
Steve Watson | School claims shirt is “unsafe and disruptive”.

by Steve Watson

When Not Even The "1%" Can Afford College
Zero Hedge | As for everyone else, forget it.. Prepare to become a debt slave for life.

by Zero Hedge

Administration to Pledge Equal Education for Illegal Immigrants
The Hill | Attorney Gen. and Education Secretary expected to detail proposal Thursday morning.

by The Hill

Default Image
Steve Watson | Boy, 8, Faces Two Felony Charges, Forced Counseling.

by Steve Watson

Why are the cops punishing Common Core opponents?
Daily Caller | The incident happened at Marietta City Schools in Marietta, Georgia.

by Daily Caller

You Won’t Believe The Method That Common Core Is Using To Teach Our Kids Subtraction
Michael Snyder | The dumbing down of America is accelerating.

by Michael Snyder